Monday, June 22, 2009

Querubin for Senator?... Quid pro Querubin

(Dona Victorina was hacked after posting 'Querubin for Senator?... Quid pro Querubin

By Rain Barnido

There is Mar Roxas with his multimillion media exposure that includes a padyak, paiyak-iyak and pamanhikan. There is Manny Villar, and his OFWs. There is Loren Legarda back to her sinta days. All ultra-rich politicians who are investing for 2010. They obviously can afford it. Then there is Ariel Querubin.The proliferation and density of tarpaulins bearing the image and likeness of one Ariel Querubin in Las Pinas, Paranaque and Makati (and reportedly in Ilocos Norte and Sur, Zamboanga del Norte and Sur) has led radio commentator Jake Maderazo to ask,
“Where did he get the money?

Why so many?

Doesn’t he know that the sheer numbers of these tarps make him look like a trapo?

“Well, we at Victorina would like to know, too. I, for one, would like to know how he can launch a multimedia campaign when his wife is apparently asking for support for his family needs from some senators?How does a Marine officer, with the rank of colonel, make enough money to go into politics this way? Sure, being a Medal of Valor awardee entitled him to some financial benefits, but in 2007, the estimated average cost of running for Senator in this country was placed at nearly half a billion pesos. And while it is true the likes of Antonio Trillanes IV have set the precedent for running shoestring -budgeted campaigns, Querubin is not running under the same set of circumstances as the former Navy Lt(sg). Notably too, Querubin does not have the same set of credentials as a Danny Lim who is a West Point graduate and is currently being wooed by several political parties.

Querubin goes into this campaign already hounded by questions on his sanity (he was confined to V. Luna’s infamous Ward 25 for some time) and his profligate lifestyle. On the latter for instance, his room at his detention center in the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines in Camp Aguinaldo looks like a hotel room (see pictures) complete with Flat Screen TV. Compared to the austere deprivation in which his former commandant Major General Renato Miranda lives (in the same cellblock) Querubin’s lifestyle rattles the sensibilities. Perhaps he would also use the same lame old excuse robber-politicos and corrupt generals would also use to justify their mansions – I have a rich wife.

However, this excuse doesn’t hold water. First of all, which wife would Querubin be referring to? He has allegedly had three partners whom he has introduced as his, wives. His current partner, whose surname is Azcarraga is a housewife with no independent means of income. The next logical choice would be for him to say that the money is donated to him for his campaign. Fine, we accept that, BUT is he free to disclose the names of those donors? It should be public knowledge. We have a right to know from whom those donations come from, so that should Querubin take the government position he so desperately desires, we would also know which interests he might be compelled to protect. Some of our sources whisper that some very wealthy name-droppables in Makati business have made donations already. Or so he says. Our other sources however say otherwise. There have been donations, yes, that much is confirmed.

However, certain sources of ours suggest that those donations were not intended for his political campaign but were supposed to have been given assist fellow detainees. Whatever. The point is, Querubin has made some rather large election related expenses lately at a time when the campaign period has not even started. Aside from the obvious violation of the Election Code on premature campaigning, he is clearly spending like a trapo, to quote Maderazo.

Someday, someone will have to pay the piper.

Querubin must tell us, who that piper is.

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