Thursday, July 23, 2009

Attacks on Dona Victorina continue! (UPDATED)

Being famous has its downside and the bloggers of Dona Victorina may be getting acquainted with the dark side of fame.

In its latest post, the Victorina Council writes that is continually being attacked and the objective of the attack may be to screw up the blogsite so that it doesn't appear on the internet anymore.

"the Victorina Council has reason to believe that the Magdalo group and/or their supporters have been trying to sabotage our blog using underhanded technology. Victorina strongly denounces this cowardly act and vehemently denies any insinuation that these are provoked attacks."

Countermeasures are now being deployed to stop these attacks but what is worrisome is the possibility that the attacks may migrate from cyberspace to real life.

Will the members of the Victorina Council be subjected to threats of bodily harm? I hope not.

Anyway, the attacks haven't been limited to Victorina.

Even Pinoy Buzz was subjected to a DOS or Ping Bomb attack, making it difficult for me to log on the internet.

Then there were three instances when my Motigo vist counter logged over a thousand page views from a single IP address. My google analytics also registered the same event.

You see, one way to get keep people from viewing a website is to deploy a program that repeatedly downloads or accesses the webpage at a very fast rate. What happens is that the server which hosts the website becomes so flooded with download or access requests that it exceeds its bandwidth allocation and when this happens, the website returns a 404 message when accessed by other users.

I don't know if this was the actual technique deployed on Pinoy Buzz, but it sure did look like it.

Oddly, these "page view" spikes occurred after I posted the entry "Querubin's minions hack Dona Victorina blog" on June 22. My counters registered a spike on June 30 (1,503) and July 6 (1,890), there were at least three IP addresses that was recorded as doing most of the pageviews and two were located in Singapore while the third was located in Dubai.

Another "page view" more recently on July 20 with 1,412 pageviews after I posted the entries "Querubin writes to Pinoy Buzz" on July 10 and "Colonel Querubin's crusade against Dona Victorina" on July 13.

I have to admit that much of what I am saying is circumstantial and I have some doubt that ranking as well as bemedalled soldiers will actually waste their time trying to destroy my blog.

The thing is, Pinoy Buzz is a free-blog and I haven't gotten around to actually buying a domain name or leasing server space. If they do manage to destroy it, I have six other blogs that I can use to get back at them.

Then again, it would really be a bad thing if Querubin was really behind the attacks on Victorina and Pinoy Buzz. One wonders how he'd handle a Senate interpellation where his views are thoroughly taken apart and proven to be of marginal value. I wonder if we'll actually see our senate erupt in a brawl such as what happened in Taiwan or South Korea.

Paano na lang kung pikunin siya ni Pimentel or ni Joker Arroyo, baka makipag-suntukan pa sa mga matanda. Nakakahiya naman!

Of course, I always entertain the idea that I can be wrong about Querubin.


Anonymous said...

Kindly show us some proof, not coincidences.
Thank you.

Admin said...

I'm still going through the IP addresses one by one.

Teka lang hah.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you violating people's privacy when you go through people's IP addresses?

Besides what are they going to get from doing this.

Maybe there is really no reason to panic. Blogs that indicates where you read from are kind of nosy.

People who are smart enough will know how to create non-static IP addresses. Even at this stage, if you have installed an invisible widget reader locator in your blog, you would know where they are from.

Easy lang, this is what blog fame brings. It is called TRAFFIC.

victorina diva said...

The point is this, Querubin has shown little tolerance for opinions other than his own -- or those of his psychophants. Victorina has given free space to ALL comers, even those whose opinions are divergent from those of the writers.
To quote PRF, "Saan pa kayo?"

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