Thursday, July 02, 2009

Electoral Mafia says "Good times are here again!"

Virgilio Garcillano, Lintang Bedol, and perhaps even Benjamin Abalos plus all the other unnamed people suspected of being masters of manipulating the country's electoral process are going to be flush with money again.

Of course, no one of the election mafia will surface and admit that their latest multi-million peso acquisitions came from politicians who in turn stole it from the nation's coffers or from kidnapping for ransom (a traditional form of fund raising) or from contributions from illegal businesses (like jueteng, the flourishing multi-billion peso shabu trade, or even the multi-billion peso fake DVD manufacturing business).

Do you wonder who is running the country? It ain't Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. It's the shady characters who are giving money to politicians.

Also, do you believe that people like Manny Villar will really spend their own money to help people out? Do you really know where all the money he is spending on TV ads is coming from?

Unless I be accused on singling Villar out, let's also ask the other big spenders on political ads where the money they spent came from?

Ang mahirap nito, illigal na nga iyong pag-gastos sa maagang pangangampanya, baka iligal din iyong pinanggagalingan.

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