Friday, July 10, 2009

A few words about Globe Tattoo

It was a couple months ago when I bought a Globe Tattoo prepaid broadband modem along with a Smart Bro prepaid broadband modem in order to test out both wireless broadband services.

What attracted me to Globe Tattoo was supposedly its faster speeds both in uploading and downloading. The secondary consideration then was the cost of the actual unit (which is lower than that of Smart Bro) and the cost of per block of wireless internet time (which is the same as Smart Bro but is segmented into 15 minute blocks instead of 30 minute blocks).

I initially found Globe Tattoo, on the face of its packaging to be a good buy. But when I plugged it in at my house in Sampaloc Manila, the internet speeds I experienced were hardly any better than the dial up connection I get using PLDT Vibe. In fact, it was a bit worse as the signal often cut out -- which is almost a happy event because that would mean I actually got a signal at all.

As it happens, my location (from the looks of it) is not within the so-called wireless internet hotspot of Globe, ergo, the slow connection speeds.

As for Smart Bro, the connection speeds that I get from where I live are great. I tried it out in several other places and it worked quite well too. I tried Globe Tattoo in the Makati but still experienced slow speeds.

However, in recent weeks, my Smart Bro failed to log on to the wireless internet network and at times the load I put into the prepaid account magically vanished. This happens once in a while and I haven't really kept track of the dates (as well as locations and times of the service outages), but suffice it to say that generally (most of the time) Smart Bro provides good service.

I have since given away my Globe Tattoo and stuck with smart.


betterphilippines said...

i bought into globe tatoo a few weeks ago. i was never able to get decent connection. i returned it for a refund after 6 days.

clearly, globe tatoo is just a rebranded version of globe visibility. they just slapped on some stickers with some 'cool' looking graphics and called it another name.

i don't like smartbro as well. however, i do find that using my smart buddy sim with a 3g phone as modem works fine. only downside is phone battery drains much faster.

sun cellular's wireless internet is the best one to use in metro manila. the connection is fast and generally stable. what i like about it is for a fixed monthly fee you get unlimited connection.

Admin said...

So, when is Sun going to "loan" me a unit to test out.

I'll buy it if I like it.

better said...

didn't loan me anything if that's what you mean.

we have a unit in the house but it's not mine. i just use from time to time. and it's really way better than globe and smart. but as i said if you have a smart sim card and a 3g phone that will do also. that's what i'm using currently. i haven't had any dropouts with it so far.

of the three globe tattoo's the worst in my experience. not one decent internet session with it -- and i wasn't even downloading dirty pictures.

Admin said...

Well, perhaps I'm just lucky with Smart Bro because I live just about a kilometer away from the PLDT Tower on Welcome Rotunda.

I get HSDPA on the second floor of our house and an intermittent HSPDA/3G signal on the first floor, right near the laundry area. On the dinner table, I get a weaker signal.

Go figure.

But I am happy with my Smart Bro, everything considered.

I also tried the connecting my 3g phone to my laptop via bluetooth and it's kinda slower than smart bro but faster than dial up. Can't really watch videos on your favorite website (wink! wink!) but it's good enough for blogging and e-mail as well as facebooking.

Oh well!

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