Friday, August 28, 2009

Hating the Filipino in you

Better Philippines ought to be proud of me, I actually visited and -- two blogs which are currently his favorite.
While I think I understand where these two blogs are coming from, I am a bit uncomfortable with espousing hate or derision for the negative traits that Filipinos have.  Not because I believe that the opposite ought to be done, but that we already live in a world where hate is the status quo.  Maybe I'm being too literal about this but I think, hate and fear are two stupid modes that overrides critical thinking -- if critical thinking is what you are really after.
I don't think these blogs espouse hate or derision for the Pinoy in us, but people can be easily misled or it can attract a following which it does not intend to attract.  That's just my take, if it is worth anything.
I think the blogging community in the Philippines is still a potent force, not because of our numbers -- although there are already around 30 million internet users in the Philippines -- but because of our capacity to put out thoughts that influence other thinkers in our society.
Did the Filipino blogging community put a huge dent in Willie Revillame's career? I hope so.  Did Terry Hatcher, Chip Tsao, and BBC's Harry and Paul feel the Filipino community's presence? I hope so too.
But outside of these blinding examples of the power of the Filipino internet community, have we made a dent in other areas that matter? Like say, corruption? Education? Conflict?
We engage in petty arguments, hopefully as a way of sharpening our intellects.  But the exercise is, at its very end, fruitless if we do not take into the realm of action.
Katie Roda mentioned my favorite President candidate's name and one thing that Gordon has been saying for the longest time is that Filipino culture is a broken culture.  Then again, that's an American in him speaking.
(More later.)

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Anonymous said...

The best thing one can do is IGNORE these blogs specifically the one owned by a Filipino??? kuno in Australia named Benigno (get real philippines) He is just so nasty. Outdated writings and attitude (elitist kuno) just dont stand anywhere in the world.

No one should patronize these blogs.

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