Friday, August 28, 2009

TV Commercial Plez (Anti-thesis to Platform Plez)

Platform Plez is a good but rather tedious exercise which I don't think anybody with a life will bother to put up with till election day next year.

So, instead of putting whatever it is that so-called Presidential Candidates will claim to their Platform of Governance, I'll just make my decision on who to vote for by making a mark beside the name of the candidate I remember the most.

Right now, the first name that comes to mind is Manny Villar and if elections were held tomorrow, I'll probably vote of Villar -- not unless I hear Mar Roxas' radio commercial on my way to the polling precinct.


Because, while our more intelligent TV shows, newspaper columnists, and radio commentators mouth paeans to choosing candidates wisely, their media companies continue to accept money to air the commercials of these Presidential candidates.

It is exactly just like the Catholic Church here in the Philippines saying that they don't care who gives them money or where the money came from -- not even when the money given to them comes from gambling which they are opposed to.

So, why bother with platforms, let's just vote for the person whose TV or radio commercial we remember last.


betterphilippines said...

if i didn't know you i would probably think you're being serious here.

betterphilippines said...

if i didn't know you i would probably think you're being serious here.

Admin said...

All the hubbub about Boto Mo I-patrol mo and other similar TV campaigns is just crap if the TV stations keep on getting advertising money from politicians who won't even talk about what they are going to do for our country.

On one hand, they're saying that they can't come out with platforms because of the restrictions imposed by Comelec on premature campaigning.

But on the other hand, they're violating the spirit of the Fair Elections Act.

betterphilippines said...

anyway, platform plez should not be tedious at all for the electorate. platform plez is simply a call addressed to the candidates asking them to formulate and present their platforms, now.

as far as voters are concerned, the only thing demanded of them is to change how they pick their candidates. that should not be too hard or tedious.

sure, there are a few out there who have decided to do the compiling of the available information themselves. for them this whole exercise can certainly become tedious especially since platform information is just hard to come by at this point in time.

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