Thursday, August 06, 2009

Wowowee Scandal: Willie Revillame's stopping of Cory Aquino coverage sparks outrage among TFC subscriber

The new scandal of Wowowee host Willie Revillame are his remarks over the live coverage insert of Cory Aquino's funeral rites during his show.

Even as he seemed to talk politely to the traffic controllers of ABS-CBN, one could still see that Willie Revillame was seething over the fact that video inserts of the Cory Aquino funeral was being shown on his show.

He said that he felt uneasy going on with the show's fun and games while President Aquino's funeral procession was being show on the screen together with his show. If that were the case, Willie Revillame could have just requested OFF AIR that the video insert showing Aquino's funeral be removed. Instead he threw a tantrum, without the usual expletives he mutters off air, and rather petulantly demanded that the video inserts be taken out.

Now, ABS-CBN insiders have been pointing out that Willie Revillame's tantrum was an over reaction with political dimensions.

Recently, Willie Revillame had Senator Manny Villar as a guest on his show and in that episode the Presidential candidate gave away six houses and lots. This was apparently a part of a deal to recruit Willie Revillame as Villar's endorser in the coming 2010 elections. It isn't clear yet if Revillame had said yes, but viewing his reaction to the Cory Aquino coverage seems to hint at who he is supporting for 2010.

Cory Aquino's son Senator Noynoy Aquino is said to be running for Vice President in 2010 with Senator Mar Roxas as President -- who some say is Senator Manny Villar's rival for the Presidential post.

In this context, Willie Revillame's outburst on his show over Cory Aquino's funeral may be his way of edging out air time for Villar's rival in the Presidential race -- Roxas and Noynoy.

In anycase the incident on noon time Philippine TV has sparked global outrage according to Alan Faa, a commenter on Pinoy Buzz.

For all intent and purposes, this letter aims to articulate the anger and hatred as well as scandal we, Filipinos here in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia feel towards Willie Revillame and the dissatisfaction over the shabby treatment of ABS-CBN towards Willie’s callous remarks to the very person we adore so much, Madam President, Cory Aquino.

As paying TFC subscribers, we expect nothing but the best services ABS-CBN could offer us, nothwithstanding, the entertainment ones being fed to us.

However, for the past several years, we have seen how your TV host, Willie Revillame used his TV show to showcase his worst attitude problem in front of the camera. We managed to accept those unacceptable manners until that fateful day when all of us are still mourning with the passing away of our beloved Cory do we hear such offensive and distasteful remarks over the flashing on screen of what we were more interested to follow then, the news on Cory’s funeral cortege to Manila Cathedral.

Such display of ill manners do not deserve to be seen on screen worldwide. It is like tolerating your talent to whatever he wants to do or say without being reprimanded at all by the management.

There is now a worldwide clamor for the ouster of Willie Revillame from his TV show to make him understand the extent of his bad behavior. No amount of apologies can we restore what has been damaged. Willie does not and will never epitomize the kind of charities that he disguises in the form of his TV show…. a mockery of what a true public service that he is flaunting around here and there.

A mud even covered with the most precious stones can not be camouflaged with its shining shimmering splendor… will only show later on, its true color. Revillame has done enough scandalous damages several times before, over and over again, even caused the death of 71 people in the ULTRA stampede.

How much more the ABS-CBN can take? Will CEO, Gabby Lopez remain hostile to the many scandals and abuses of this man who flaunts his power, fame and fortune every now and then??? Will he remain silent to the disgraceful act that his ward committed against the very person who gave his family’s empire back to them?

For all we know, one day soon, he will wake up, with a reality that say, WILLIE REVILLAME, NEW ABS-CBN, CEO…… what a way of LIFE!


Russ said...

I was able to see that part. I was shocked and noticed how strong his emotions were while giving instructions. My mom saw it too and she's very disappointed with Mr. Revillame. It wasn't a good thing to do on national television with millions of people watching.

Gerbe said...

As a TFC subscriber from Sydney Australia, I am appealing to the big bosses of ABS CBN to get rid of Willie.

Admin said...

My wife covered Manila Cathedral.

As people were waiting inside the church for Cory Aquino's remains, ABS-CBN was showing live footage of the funeral procession on a big screen inside the church.

The coverage spilled over and into Wowowee. For continuity, perhaps, traffic was directed to show Wowowee with the live coverage as an inset on the side of the screen.

When Willie started berating ABS-CBN's traffic control, it boomed so loudly in Manila Cathedral that it shocked all of those inside. Traffic was left with no choice but to take out the Cory Aquino live video and show Wowowee in full screen.

Imagine all the grieving people suddenly being inundated by Willie's back up dancers cavorting all over the screen!

Sure, Willie is going to say it wasn't his fault that those inside the Manila Cathedral were tuned in to ABS-CBN when his show was airing.

Oh well!

Perhaps, Willie should be taught a lesson in MANNERS!

sweetbayag said...
we got the footage of willie

Anonymous said...

willie is so disrespectful.

Anonymous said...

Hindi ko ipagpapalit ang panonood ng isang minuto sa nangyayaring kaganapan sa libing ng pinakamamahal na Tita Cory, sa kahit buong buhay ko na panonood ng walang kwentang programang Wowowee dahil sa napakabastos at walang modo, walang puso, walang pakiramdam na Willie r-EVIL-lame na yan.Kung wala si Tita Cory, wala ang mga Lopez (na tuta na ngayon ni Willie).Mga Lopezes, walang buto at sunod-sunuran ke Willie.Simula na yan ng pagbagsak ni Willie.I-boycot ang WOWOWEEEEEE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

dapat lang na sibakin nayang si willie sa abs cbn..isa syang malaking kasiraan..sabagay ano pa nga ba ang aasahan mo sa isang tao na binabastos na ang mga kababaihan ineexploit pa ang kahirapan ng ng mga kababayan natin..maraming beses na syang pumalpak pero sobra ang pambabastos na ginawa nya nun araw na yun..kahit ilang libong tao pa ang mapasaya nya hinding hindi nya mapapantayan ang ginawa ni madam cory..kalayaan ang tinatamasa natin ngayon at isa ka willie revillame sa mga nakikinabang nito..kahit ilang sorry pa ang sabihin mo hinding hindi mo na mabubura sa isipan ng milyon milyong pilipino ang ginawa mo

alexander perls said...

don't blame Willie of requesting that the coverage of Former Aquino be removed because it is indeed not quite right to see both! BUT INSTEAD, blame ABS-CBN why do they let the Wowowee show airs that day when in fact it is the Funeral Day of the Former President. It is the MANAGEMENT THAT SHOULD BE BLAME why that show goes on and other shows were not!

Anonymous said...

PAreho silang dapat icondemn - si Willie at ang ABSCBN. Pareho naman silang pera lang and dinidiyos at nagkukunwaring may care and concern sa sambayanan. Kung may dapat tinanggal on the air nung panahon na yun, dapat si Willie. He displays a very bad example to the Filipinos. Kaya hindi tayo umangat kasi ganyan klaseng tao ang host natin at ganyan din ka trashy yung show niya. Walang itinuro sa tao kundi huwag magsikap at umasa sa suerte. Paano mo bibigyan ng dignida ang pinoy kung ganyan? Willie is the Pinoy male equivalent of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears - cannot handle fame and money.

Anonymous said...

There's only one word to describe Willie...BASTOS! He has no tact, but then again what do you expect...he has gotten so "mayabang" over the years...he should be taken off the air.

Anonymous said...

Willie Revillame-Cory Aquino Coverage Scandal – Video with Transcript

Here is the transcript of Willie Revillame’s script during Wowowee:

Thank you very much. Okay, meron kay 5000. Sandali. Meron akong ano, sa ating ano, hindi naman sa ano. Kasi, hindi siguro magandang tingnan, pinapakita nyo yan nagsasasay kame tapos pinapakita nyo yan. I don’t think na dapat ipakita yan, honest to God. Eh mahihirapan ako magsalita dito, nagpapasaya ako, nakikita ko ang ano ni Tita Cory. Sana pakitanggal naman muna yan sa ating traffic. Kasi kung ganyan, ipakita na lang natin yan kasi nagsasaya kami dito tapos masakit sa akin yan eh, nagsasalita ako dito. Yan, please. Sana maintindihan nyo. Nagsasaya kami dito tapos ipapakita nyo sa amin yan. Diba hindi tama eh? Okay. Hindi ako makakapagsalita ng saya eh, diba? Hay nako. Pangit, hindi maganda sa tin. Nagsasaya tayo tapos ipinapakita ang kabaong ni Tita Cory. Diba? Papano kame makakapagsaya, nahihirapan kami. I’m sorry ho pero totoo ako. Huwag nyo ako pagagalitan kasi totoo ang gusto ko malaman. Pagkatapos ng show, ipakita nyo ang gusto nyo ipalabas kasi ang Wowowee gusto ko, at alam ni Tita Cory, dahil napasaya din sya ng show na to na laging masaya dito. Thank you, salamat. Tita Linggit sorry, Ma’am Charo sorry.

OFWa from Dubai

Anonymous said...

yan ang given na alam na ntin parehong wala sa right mind ang abscbn at si wilie. sa management imagine bakit mo itutuloy pa nga naman ang wowowee kung gusto mo full coverage ng funeral ni cory. kasi lagi silang may kinikilingan lagi may kinatatakutan, dapat wala sila sa media business kasi madami silang mga utang na loob na dapat nilang bayadan. si willie ilang scandal na ba ang kinasangkutan pero walang nangyari, laging ibinabalik ng abs yan at the expense of the viewers, pilit na pinapalunok sa atin ang kanyang kabastusan on air ang kanyang pangmomolestya on air kasi nagpapanhik ng pera ano pa ba aside from the fact na ang manager nya is the wife of our vice pres. thats it

Anonymous said...

one of the dumb ass host in RP. kick his ass.

Anonymous said...

panahon na para magising ang abs cbn about this so called host na willie, lam natin na maraming tao ang guminhawa at sumasaya sa show but etong si wil [aka papi] abay daig pang si marcos kung mang api ng staff, contestant at kung sino sino pa. laging ipinapayagpag ang kayamanan nya sa mga babaeng sexy ..saan kaya ng galing yung perang sinansabi nyang pang tayo ng hospital..hmm yate..hotel magagarang bahay..nasaan na willie tama ng pang aabuso sa mga staff mo pati on cam kala ko ba may showmanship ka bastos ka repapips..galang na lang sa dating presidente pinagdamot mo pa , isa kang ganid wala na sanang gumaya sayo. marami ng taong namatay sa show mo, nahuli ka ng nandaya, nahuli ka ng mangutya ng staff mo, nahuli ka na din ng hipo or being manyakis..ano pa ba ang nangyayari sa abs cbn hangang kailan ba ang tama na.. LOA.. wow i guess morality is not important

Anonymous said...

wake up abs cbn..your host is a disgrace.di siya bagay sa ere kung ganyan siya kabastos..

MILA said...

I love specifically channel 2 (TFC). Two or three years ago, there was a time that I called TFC to request the "Going Bulilit" to go back to its regular schedule "Saturday or Sunday"(if I remember it right). It's one of my fav shows and all the shows of Kris Aquino (I am with her, even with all her mistakes-I am her defender). Moreover, I never failed to watch Wowowee, but when I observed Willie's attitude - mayabang, and trying to be maawain i.e. then you can see and feel na he is just using these poor people for his own benefit. Moreover, obvious pa ang favoritism niya, if gusto niya manalo or hindi ang contestant and if ayaw niya sa co-host niya (maybe nainsecure or hindi always bow sa kanya) He controls everything and everyone from the contestantS, co-emcees, staff, executives, advertisers, viewers and patrons of TFC. When he gives advice fake na fake parang ang bait -- A WOLF IN A LAMB'S SKIN YAN SI WILLIE. AYOKO NA siya PANOODIN.

With regards to Willie's comment on our beloved Tita Cory's funeral. My gosh, I wanted to poke his eyes, bastos na talaga siya but he is more than bastos.... walang utang na loob... saksakan ng yabang. Now, he is claiming to the viewers and to the Aquinos' he was misinterpreted on his comment-- masakit daw sa loob niya na mkita yung funeral habang nagsasaya sila... MR. WILLIE REVILLAME YOU ARE A REAL FAKE, PLASTIC AND USER - AMININ MAPAMAHIIN KA-- MAYBE YOU THOUGHT NA MALAS SA SHOW MO NA MAITABI ANG ISANG FUNERAL.... SA SHOW MU KUNO AMININ mo. IF WILLy's feeling was talagang sympathetic as he is claiming he should have said to the people in the studio to pause and pray for a moment and for a commercial break talk to the management, if they really wanted to air the funeral or to continue his show. -- That is if he is really a good man with a good heart - he will ask the management to cut the show thus he can say on air.... "masakit sa loob ko na nagsasaya tayo dito---I want to give the best respect to our Tita Cory so we are cutting the show on air".

If you did that, humanga pa ako sa iyo and sisihin ko sarili ko that I judge you with my personal intuition and observation.

p.s. I have nothing against his wealth now, house, yact etc. Who in this entertainment business will have those in a span of years.
Siya lang.... tuso yan... he is using poor people to get what he wants. Like what he did to his former wives... remember Princess Punzalan daughter of late Helen V.and etc.

Anyway, an advise to ABS-CBN kahit sino pa ang ilagay niyong emcee diyan.... pupuntahan yan ng tao dahil sa prizes. I suggest Kris or Randy to host the show-- most probably baka may iba pang suggestion si Kris (She is very intelligent) para hindi magmukang ginagamit ang mga poor.

If ayaw naman ng ABS-CBN ng mahal na fee... kahit si Bentong puwede coz with the prizes pupuntahan ng tao yan and advertisers will still renew the contract dahil malakas ang haltak ng tao not for the host but for the prizes.

If then, you change the host I and the rest of the viewers will surely come back to see that show.


Anonymous said...

ABS-CBN should stop tolerating the obviously misbehavior of Willie. Tama na! Halata namang nanggagamit sya. Hindi naman sa kanya ang pondo na ipinamimigay sa taong bayan, nakikinabang pa nga sya. Maganda ang line up ng mga shows ng ABS-CBN ang I can feel how much the management wants to bless people as God blesses your program. Baka madamay pa ang iba ninyong artista who is very vocal about their faith and how God blesses their life. You can find other hosts, GOD will provide. Mam Charo, I do not think na mababago mo ang attitude ni Willie, only God can. But in the meantime, you should not tolerate what is wrong.

Anonymous said...

I think, it's just over reaction in part of all of you people. Willie is RIGHT in saying " Bakit pinapalabas yung libing sa gitna ng nagsasayang mga tao sa Wowowee." Kung sana di na lang ginawang live yung wowowee at that time and show the Cory cortege, instead. Mga Filipino talaga masyado lang OA, kaya walang asenso! GO WILLIE!

Anonymous said...

It's not always wat we say that matters, it's how we say it. Siguro yun un dapat matutunan ni willie..madalas na nga cyang maging brutally frank and offensive in front of national tv. He should be responsible enough to know that as a public person, hndi pwdeng khit anong gs2 nyang sbhin ssbhin nya, dhil iba't ibang tao ang nanood s show nya. so dapat sensitive and careful cya wid every word that comes out of his mouth. Dapat inalagaan nya un blessings and opportunities na ntanggap nya. On the other hand, maxado din namang panapalaki un issue, specially ng ating mga KAPUSO. Crab mentality tlga..kya d umaasenso mga Pilipino.

Anonymous said...

get rid of willie revillame..ano bang kinakatakot niyo ?

Anonymous said...

talagang bastos, mayabang at arogante 'yang taong yan...sobrang bilib sa sarili, ewan ko ba sa abs cbn kung bakit parang takut na takot kay willie..marami namang puwedeng ipalit diyan...hindi bagay sa tv yang ganyang kabastos na host..

Anonymous said...

If ever Willie Revillame started hosting the Wowowee show I will stop watching Wowowee and tell all my relatives and friends to stop watching Wowowee.ABS-CBN don't ruin your TFC. Remember, TFC is already online even before Wowowee.
What you have right now is absolutely fine with Pokwang, Mariel, Chokie, Val and Gabby. Get rid off Willie and don't let him go back the show. I'm sorry but he is not a good model to the public. He must be banned forever.

Anonymous said...

tanggalin si Willie. Bastos ka Willie and walang modo.

Anonymous said...

Guys, please enough is enough, tamana tigil na! tumahimik na sana ang lahat,pare pareho namang nakinabang ang bawat isa. Nakinabang din ang Aquino sa service ng tao at ng media,nakinabang din ang ABS-CBN kay Cory, at nakinabang din ang ABS-CBN kay Willie in terms ng TFC-kapamilya,especially sa Wowowie kahit nagkaroon na ng maraming problema sa show na to. Huwag na sanang mag padala ang lahat sa sulsol. Akala ko ba mga Kristiano tayong pilipino, bakit pinalalaki pa ito. If god forgive our sins and our mistakes, then why can't we forgive each other. Dadalahin ninyo ba ang galit sa puso at isip ninyo.

Anonymous said...

First of all, all I'd like to say is, I live in the U.S. and this show Wowowee is a source of embarassment. I went to Max's Restaurant with some American friends and the show was running. They asked me what kind of show it is, and why it's being shown during the day with all the half-naked girls dancing much like strippers in an adult club. I didn't know what to say. During the time, I haven't watched any Filipino TV shows for years already. It looks like a variety show intended for families, but wait, you also see strippers in it. It's shocking it even confuses Americans who think Philippines is a conservative, religious country. It's mindboggling and so embarassing. Just think, how pathetic can people really get, going to such length to attract audiences to the show? What is the powerful Catholic Church in the Philippines doing about this?
Willie has a point though, when he requested that the video of Cory's funeral procession be removed. A variety/strip distasteful show and the funeral procession of a heroine who sacrificed her life to restore democracy just simply DO NOT mix! However, Willie should have waited for commercial break to say what he said. Because of what he did, now he's looking at NO LONGER making 1 million pesos per day! OUCCHHHH!!! Sometimes, it really pays to control your temper. That's what you get Willie!!!

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