Sunday, September 27, 2009

Marikina Floods

Marikina was flooded out last night, with water reaching as high as 15 feet and submerging some 8,000 homes. One of the worst hit was Provident Village where my father in law lives, his house is just two blocks away from the river.

From 12:00 noon till 1:00 AM this morning, my wife was on the cellphone throughout this time coordinating help for the 16 people who were trapped along with her father on the roof of their house on Harvard Street, Holy Family Subdivision in Provident Village.

Last night, the Philippine National Red Cross was able to save just around 280 people

Frantic calls were made to all the emergency numbers that my wife and I could think of.  One of those who responded to us was Senator Richard Gordon and the staff of the Philippine National Red Cross.

According to a report from Philippine National Red Cross: 10 rubber boats of Red Cross deployed in Marikina (3), Cainta (2), Manila (1), Quezon City(2 + 1 aluminum boat), Mandaluyong (1). sent by MRT train since EDSA and main thoroughfares impassable due to floods.

US Embassy donated $50,000 to Red Cross. Promised to send boats and possibly deploy choppers to aid rescue effort.

Olongapo and SBMA rescue teams with 5 boats were stuck in Pulilan, Bulacan of NLEX because also impassable and now closed. 
People actually distributed Gordon's cellphone number on Facebook and Twitter which caused his cellphone to bog down.

People were advised to instead TXT 143 for Red Cross or call 5270000 or 5245787.

More help is needed.

Trucks are needed to ferry people out of flooded areas.


Canned goods, rice, instant noodles, and water.


Clothes, mats, blankets, mosquito nets, kitchen utensils.

You can deliver this to the Philippine National Red Cross Headquarters at the Port Area in Manila. Call 5270000 or 5245787.

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