Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Oh Conrad! Reluctance can be feigned!

I love reading his columns and I hope that he was misquoted by ABS-CBNNEWS.COM as saying that he was backing Senator Noynoy Aquino as President because he seemed to be the most reluctant.

Here's something lifted from the ABS-CBN news article on Conrado hurting the feelings of Korina Sanchez.
He also pointed out that he backed Sen. Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino because he was the most reluctant to run as compared to the other candidates. "It’s not a question of saying those things. It’s a question of showing yung reluctance mo. And if you go by that, the most reluctant to run for president so far is Noynoy Aquino."
I guess there should be much more to this, because if whatever we feel is the only thing that should come to bear on whatever decision we will make come May 2010 -- we might as well vote for Erap.

Better the devil you know... Right, Conrad?

As for my own view son Noynoy, what has he shown to us to convince us that he deserves to be our next President other than the fake reluctance that is a MERE THROWBACK TO CORY AQUINO'S SINCERE RELUCTANCE.


charlie said...

now that you made your point.. whom do you recommend, and why? please give us suggestions so we can have more choices.

if you can't find any, then let's go back to the next best thing. yes, noynoy.

Anonymous said...

well, noynoy is not known for stealing, cheating and enriching themselves. so it is a very important plus in this country of cheaters and thieves.

chaplin said...

Cabbage isn't known for stealing, cheating and enriching themselves.

Cabbage for president!

Admin said...


Going by Conrado's idea about who to vote for and if the Aquino's were the only people worth considering, I'd rather have Ballsy as President.

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