Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pinoy Buzz, finalist in the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards

I don't expect to win.

There are other bloggers out there whose writing blinds me with its wit and awes me with their substance.  There are bloggers out there whose writing I do not even read because it has a way of stopping me from writing all together.

I started writing this blog in 2005 as a way to get money through Adsense and this explains why my url is pinoybiz.  It is a conjunction, the full title of the blog used to be Pinoy Business and Life Stories.  I tried writing about business ideas which I thought would bring me traffic, but, I abandoned this idea after about a year.

I resumed blogging on December 2008, having been inspired by Better Philippines who had just started blogging.  This was when I started writing about Philippine Politics consistently, never minding the fact that I didn't have the depth of insight that other political bloggers have.  My premise was just to share what I thought about political developments and my views on other things that is happening on the internet.

I changed the title to Pinoy Buzz this year mainly because I thought it was a friendlier way of referring to what is now a mission of sorts to sting politicians.  That's mainly how I thought of coining the title phrase for this blog: Stinging till the truth comes out in blisters. 

I proposed the idea that this blog would be a digital inquisition of sorts which would torture erring politicians till they told the truth.  I haven't succeeded yet, but I haven't quit either.  So, it is a draw.

With that said, I wish everyone good luck to everyone who joined the Philippine Blog Awards!

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