Sunday, September 27, 2009

PNRC deploys WASAR teams to Cainta and Marikina

The Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) today deployed three (3) Water Search and Rescue (WASAR) Teams to rescue the stranded commuters and affected families due to heavy rains caused by tropical storm Ondoy, the PNRC Operation Center reported.

WASAR teams of PNRC National Headquarters were deployed in Providence Village, Cainta and in Marikina which were greatly affected by flooding.

In a report of Leo Ebajo from WASAR Team 1, 40 persons were rescued near R. PAPA LRT Station who were stranded because of heavy flow of water in the area.

“Rescue operation here is still in progress. As of now, around 40 stranded persons were already rescued,” Ebajo reported through a text message sent to PNRC Operation Center.

The PNRC is now accepting donations through the following ways:

Through SMS and GCASH type redamount then send to 2899 or 4483

Through bank deposits:


Account name: The PNRC

Peso account: 1513041631228

Dollar account: 1512151002182

Type of account : savings

Swift code: mbtc ph mm


Account name: The PNRC

Peso account: 4991001099

Type of account: current


Account name: The PNRC

Dollar account: 8114003094

Type of account: savings

Swift code: bopi ph mm
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