Thursday, September 24, 2009

Real Deal sez Gibo is better than Noynoy

Real Deal wrote a very long comment on my entry about a letter addressed to Conrado De Quiros about his campaign for Noynoy Aquino.

He basically says that Administration/Lakas-Kampi candidate Gilbert Teodoro is a better Presidential candidate than Noynoy Aquino.

I don't agree with his position on this, but what I do find worthy of re-posting is his argument that the more important thing that ought to be discussed by the candidates is the economy.

It shows good reasoning, without the fluff of emotionalism (my mother and father are dead, my sister is a slut, my nephew is autistic, I'm balding, over forty and the only that is going for me is that I have a pretty girlfriend -- vote for me.)

If the supporters of Chiz, Noynoy, Villar, and whoever else can come up with a comment that shows good reasoning and an effort to elaborate on their candidate's perceived platform, I WILL REPOST IT.


Are you too yellow to take up this challenge?

Anyway, here's REAL DEAL's long comment.

Will some of you people just stay away from the allegations and stupid conspiracy theories about GMA and Gibo?

First of all, all the stuff that have been hurled against GMA are coming from people who are obvious enemies. The stuff they hurl are all allegations.

Any allegation about anyone that is regarding corruption or even murder, without clear-cut evidence is just an allegation. But what differentiates a good president from a lousy president as far as performance is concerned is HOW WELL THE ECONOMY RUNS.

Like it or not, GMA has delivered. Her performance gets the World economic community heaping praises on her economic policies, and more importantly, on her performance.

Say what you like against her, but the reason that the Philippine economy didn't collapse together with the USA thanks to the global crisis - despite having been traditionally closely coupled with the US - is precisely because of her administration's sound economic policies. She managed the budget well, cut deficit, and increased gov't reserves. That made sure that the Peso wouldn't collapse along with the Dollar.

Truth be told, it was the mismanagement of the economy that threw Marcos out.

For all the allegations about martial law abuses and Ninoy's murder, no one can really say that Makoy himself was behind all that shit. In fact, Martial Law per se was not even a real problem for most people. It was a problem only for rebels and trouble-makers. And it was a problem for some people who may have had personal troubles with certain people in the military. But were these Marcos' sins?

I'm not defending Marcos at all. But all I'm saying is that Marcos fell because he did not deliver on the economy.

For all the money he borrowed from foreign sources during martial law, he chose the wrong people (his cronies) to distribute those loans to. Instead of them delivering, they squandered the money and later couldn't pay him back. With the Philippines under Marcos not being able to pay back those loans to private banks and the IMF-World Bank, sanctions caused the Philippine Peso to collapse, causing the Philippine economic crisis of the early 1980's that caused Ninoy to decide to return in 1983. That Ninoy got shot merely sped up the process of Marcos' removal.

But Marcos would have been replaced anyway. He was too sick. He was, in fact, terminally ill. There are speculations, in fact, that his illness was what made him unable to meet regularly with his economic development staff and his cronies in order to check on their progress. Whatever it is, Marcos did not deliver on the economy.

That failure to deliver is the totally provable fact. The peso went down so low that the state of crisis was undeniable. Worse, it was undeniable that Marcos was not doing much about it - because he was sick and always undergoing dialysis or in his sick bed.

Economic Failure, I repeat, is what ultimately got Marcos out.

Ever wonder why despite all the bad press and rumor-mongering by media against GMA, that it's next to impossible to get rid of her?

It's not because she has a strong link to the military... It's simply because the real clamor to get rid of her is not there because she has generally done well on what really matters: the Economy.

Say what you all will about GMA, but her economic focus has been good.

And if Gibo is going to continue that economic focus, then GOOD!

Now let's ask the real questions here... What does Noynoy have to offer as far as THE REAL DEAL is concerned?

And I mean the ECONOMY... What are his plans on improving the economy in order to make sure that the country continues on its quest to make things better on all fronts?

Truth be told, there really should be ONLY ONE agenda for the Philippines: THE ECONOMY.

Why? Because everything depends on it.

Education depends on it (salaries for teachers, funding for schools, etc)

Defense depends on it (salaries for soldiers, costs for upgrading equipment, training, etc)

Infrastructure depends on it (obvious ba?)

Everyone depends on it! (we need to eat!)

Hell, the only real problems of the Philippines are actually basic economics! People leave the Philippines to work as butt-wipers, lowly laborers, or even prostitutes because the economy is not good enough.

Even if GMA did well, still, it's not enough. We need people to stop fighting with an economic-focused government, because when a government wants to go full-speed ahead with the economy, people that go against it are like stupid shitheads who pull on the handbrake while the driver is driving!

We need long term economic growth. If Gibo will continue it and even improve on it, well and good.

Now, again, let's ask the question, what exactly does Noynoy plan to do?

Is it all motherhood statements about Good and Evil and shit like that? Putangina, pagod na kami dyan sa punyetang yan.

We need real solid and concrete plans that are economy-focused. Otherwise, the population growth rate will continue to outpace our economic development and we'll get poorer each year per capita.

Apparently, putting Gibo on the ticket makes the public see the two Cojuangcos as sharing the same middle name and hopefully, sharing some of that Cory DNA (even if Gibo is not Cory's descendent).

So if Noynoy, himself a Cojuangco, is running, let's see what happens when GIBO, also a Cojuangco (and Noynoy's cousin), runs too.

The public now will see who's the better man.

Gibo: Cojuangco, smart, bar top-notcher, high achiever, well-informed

Noynoy: Cojuangco, not smart, lethargic, nothing special, not informed

The choice is simple... Kung pipili lang kayo ng Cojuangco, pumili na kasi kayo ng MARUNONG!

Eh kung puro Noynoy kayo nang Noynoy just because of his parents and because of his name, useless na talaga... It just proves that Filipinos are stupid kung nanalo si Noynoy over Gibo who is clearly the better of the two cousins.

Tanga lang ang makikipag-debate sa sinabi ko, kasi totoo at tama ang sinabi ko at walang makakadeny.


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