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Raymond Gutierrez raves about party boy Noynoy!

Raymond Gutierrez raved on Twitter about Senator Noynoy Aquino at a party that was thrown for him. This is a true account, unlike the Tweets of sister Ruffa Gutierrez about Richard Gutierrez saving Christene Reyes.

Gutierrez, who is very much single just like the aspiring Presidential candidate, tweeted that Senator Noynoy was so cool and even gamely wore a pair of Ninoy glasses that he brought along.  Raymond was probably thrilled to play dress up with a human dolly.

Talking about dolls, which are usually stowed away IN CLOSETS when young girls grow up, I wonder if these two bachelors are really tired of playing the field.

Raymond had once declared that he was just happy being single, just like Senator Noynoy.  However, an article on PEP peeks at what he is hiding in his closet:
Asked what he's looking for in a partner, Raymond said: "Ayoko ko na mag-set ng standards e. Kasi pag may standards ka, ang dami mong hindi sinasali. For me, you don't look for it. They don't look for love. It just comes."

Raymond's name was included in the list of closet gays in DJ Mo Twister's controversial radio show, Good TimesSince then, Raymond has yet to see the controversial DJ. In the program, KC Montero dropped the name of Raymond when he was asked about closet gays.

After that incident, Raymond said about KC: "We used to be okay. Marami naman kami sa SOP e. Minsan, hindi naman kami nagkikita."

Raymond continued, "Kanya-kanyang diskarte. I also have personal opinions about other stars but I don't say that in public."

He added that the issue on his sexuality is just one of the few drawbacks to being a celebrity. "They tend to judge you."

Anyway, Senator Noynoy didn't seem to mind Raymond's attentions and was just happy to take the edge off a very tiring week of watching his, Kris Aquino, ask for donations.

Oddly enough, Ruffa Gutierrez was at the same party with Noynoy.

She has apparently stopped tweeting about her brother's false "heroic" exploits in the flood waters of Provident Village.  Apparently, Ruffa Gutierrez supposedly tweeted that brother Richard Gutierrez hopped on a speedboat inside Provident Village Marikina, braved raging flood waters, and saved Christine Reyes!  However, Ruffa had to delete her tweets when the real story got out.  Here's an account I found on Access Pinoy.
Richard Gutierrez’s grandstanding and false heroism is really offensive. He didn’t even rescue Cristine Reyes. He had to be rescued by the Navy men because his speedboat supposedly “conked out”.

He claimed he went on speedboat and rescued her. But even Cristine says:

“An Army rubber boat finally came early Sunday and, to her surprise, actor Richard Gutierrez was part of the rescue team.” Yahoo

How could he possibly claim to rescue her at around 1am? The Navy men didn’t start rescuing till past 3am because that is when the current subsided in Provident Village.

And here’s an actual shot of the Provident Village entrance around 1am Sunday taken by my sister from her camera phone. It’s not a very good shot but it will give you an idea how pitch black it was there.

Yeah, he claims he followed Cristine’s multicolored lights to get to her house. Does he know Provident Village by heart to be able to navigate through the 3m high water in total darkness to find some multicolored light deep in the village? To get past the debris? The sunken houses? The power lines? The trees? The poles? The cars bumping and piling up against each other?

Apparently Ruffa G. has deleted her tweets and locked her twitter. Why? Because it’s about to come out who were the real rescuers.

Give credit to the real heroes! The Olongapo Navy Volunteers! They saved his sorry ass and he had to take space on the rescue boat which should’ve been for other people who really needed rescuing!


Just to be fair, good ole Senator Noynoy Aquino was busy all week handing out relief goods in yellow plastic bags to people affected by Typhoon Ondoy.  The yellow plastic bags didn't have his name on it and they didn't make people wait before it was distributed, unlike some candidates!

And at the end of a rather tiring week, Noynoy Aquino was seen partying with the stars on October 3.  It was at this time that people in Metro Manila and Northern Luzon were hunkering down and preparing for Typhoon Pepeng.

Everybody feared that it would bring even more destruction than Ondoy with PAGASA describing it as a Category 5 hurricane -- in a land where typhoon signals only reach 3, calling anything Category 5 makes it impressive.

Not to be fazed by the second typhoon to hit Luzon in a span of a week and the suffering of nearly quarter of a million people, Noynoy went ahead with the party.

Kris Aquino was there with the Ruffa, Richard, and Raymond Gutierrez.  Piolo Pascual was there too! Huwaw!

Raymond Gutierrez raved about how cool Noynoy was on Twitter.

Noynoy was asked what he'd do as President, if and when elected.

In Raymond's twits, Noynoy was supposed to have said:

"First plan--improve the justice system. What inspires him to run--the youth. Plans for typhoons--get better equipped including new radars."

Oh! I am certain having brand new radars will be a good thing to have but it is still a solution that is as shallow as Noynoy's intellect.
If you really, really thought about it, getting a thousand doppler radars won't do this country any good.  You'll certainly know that a godzilla-like typhoon is going to thrash the entire country, but you won't be able to do anything.
It'll be very much like having a powerful brand new pair of binoculars for viewing an inevitable car crash.

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