Monday, June 28, 2010

UP School of Economics professor says Noynoy ain't Superman and Einstein

In an interview with ABS-CBN, a.k.a. the station that got voted into government service along with Noynoy Aquino, Raul Fabella of the University of the Philippines School of Economics said that President Noynoy Aquino ought to tell the people that he is not a combination of Superman and Albert Einstein.

Gee!  No kidding?!

After all those campaign TV commercials and write-ups which basically deified him, there now seems to be a rush of news articles and columns all aimed at managing peoples' expectations of the incoming President.

Even before he does the ceremonial climb up the stairs of Malacanang (did Manolo make this up?!  I've never heard of it), Noynoy better have clear directions in mind about what to do with the P340 Billion budget deficit.

Unlike the fork in the road that he pointed to in one of his TV commercials (where he asked people to choose between the crooked path and the straight path), the answer to how to deal with an enormous budget deficit ain't a simple choice between new taxes (which he PROMISED not to impose) or no new taxes, more spending or less spending (which he PROMISED), etcetera..
And Mr. President, before any of your advisers forget, IT ALSO TAKES MONEY TO ERADICATE CORRUPTION.

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