Saturday, July 03, 2010

Are we just reflexively bashing President Noynoy Aquino?

A friend asked me if I was just ranting against all things Noynoy out of habit yesterday and after some soul searching, I have to admit that I've become accustomed to treating all things Noynoy with a bit of disdain -- just as some people have become accustomed to treating all things Noynoy with unearned reverence.

Over the past couple of days, I've picked on the variety show feel of President Noynoy Aquino's inaugural ceremony and his choice of a song ("Estudyante Blues") during his inauguration concert.

I have to admit, if it had been my candidate who won, I would  have probably had goose bumps during the inaugural address... glossed over whatever lapses in protocol there were... and endured the sound of my candidate howling like a dying dog as he tried to sing about adolescent angst.  (Although, in my candidate's case, I think I would have to endure 'Impossible Dream' and other such songs.)

But anyway, what my friend was pointing out was that I may be falling into the same trap that those in the camp of "Gloria is Evil" have fallen into and that is reflexively or even intentionally finding some evil scheme in everything that she does.  Which, come to think of it, is just as bad as being reflexively and intentionally approving of everything that Noynoy Aquino does.
Take the much talked about "No wangwang" policy.

While I made fun of it, I didn't miss the fact that this part of his speech was an attempt to convey President Noynoy's commitment to ending the arrogance and abusiveness that characterized the previous administration.  I didn't ignore the fact that it might have had some effect on traffic in Metro Manila.  

So, at least, in my blog post about the "No wangwang" policy, I can claim to having a bit of objectivity.

Anyway, my friend said that the "No wangwang" policy could be an application of the "broken windows theory" and this implies that it could resort to behavioral changes among among government officials.

Another friend pointed out that the "No wangwang" policy could lead to better traffic conditions as government officials would now be forced to do improve traffic conditions or face being stuck in traffic.

Then again, both views would only hold true if the "No wangwang" policy is steadily, persistently, and uniformly enforced.  Perhaps, only through consistent enforcement will the no wangwang policy have the desired effect.

From the looks of it and the zealousness that I've seen so far in enforcing the policy, it is a good start, but we must also remember that this is a country that is all about good starts...

On other matters pertaining to Noynoy, I think we really have to consider which issues are really worth writing about if our intention is to prove ourselves as writers whose work is worth being read...

With that said, what do you think about this picture?

(Note:  I actually like the no wangwang policy because I was almost run off the road by Ex-Secretary Raul Gonzales convoy a couple of years back.  I would have liked to have jammed his wangwang up his shrivelled asshole.)

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