Monday, July 19, 2010

Mark Lapid to keep PTA post in exchange for Senator Lito Lapid's support for Senate Presidency


A mole says that Philippine Tourism Authority Manager Mark Lapid is bound to keep his post as a trade off for Senator Lito Lapid's support for the new administration's favored Senate President.

Mark Lapid was appointed acting PTA manager in mid 2008 by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Now, the mole says that the PTA ain't exactly sparkling clean when it comes to SOP's or tongpats.  But the innovation introduced by the new appointee was that suppliers and government contractors had to fork over as much as 30 percent of the tongpats in ADVANCE.

The mole said that most of the contractors and suppliers were, of course, used to the fact that they had to grease some hands in order to keep their business.  This was something they factored in when submitting their bids and usually forced them to supply either substandard products or services.

The mole said that what really peeved them was that despite forking over the exorbitant tongpats, the release of their payments for services rendered became even much more circuitous and more tongpats was demanded just to make the processing of the payments move a bit faster.

A couple of suppliers and contractors resisted Lapid's scheme which resulted in their projects being discontinued.  The suppliers and contractors of bigger projects, which were already fifty percent delivered, were actually asked for as much as P10,000,000 just so that the PTA would continue the projects with them.

A number of projects, one worth P100,000,000, has been halted just because the supplier refused to participate in Lapid's corrupt scheme.

The contractors and suppliers, a number of whom actually contributed money for PNoy's campaign and personally asked people to vote for PNoy, are wondering if PNoy is really serious about clamping down on corruption?

Will PNoy allow Mark Lapid to keep his post just so that his favored Senate President will get Senator Lito Lapid's vote?

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