Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Marlene Aguilar to star in new movie "HUMITHIT AKO NG ZONROX"

It seems Marlene Aguilar is going nuts -- even if she was already a bit weird already.

Here's a recent status update on her Facebook Account which is rather disturbing.  She says: GO TRILLANES! FUCK THE EVIL SYSTEM!!! I SUPPORT YOU! I WILL HELP YOU KILL THE EVIL SYSTEM!!!"

Couple this with a statement Major Jason Aquino: "To those officers who aided and abetted Garci, those responsible for extra judicial killings and disappearances, those who stole public funds, in the name of my country and all that is right and just, I’m coming for you."

Oh man!

Yan po, mga kaibigan ang tutoong MAGDALO. UTAK PULBURA.

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