Monday, July 12, 2010

New Customs Chief scored over golf dishonesty, vows to target 'name droppers'

Here are a couple of news bits I picked up from the Inquirer and Philippine Star.

Inquirer: Sotto wants Customs Chief Alvarez fired for cheating in golf.
Senator Tito Sotto III is asking President Aquino aka PNoy to revoke his appointment of  Angelito Alvarez as Customs Commissioner for cheating in golf.
According to a report, Alvarez was suspended from playing at the Alabang club for six months as well as from participating in the Mango Tee tournament for five years.
Sotto said: "If the President wants to have a clean image in Customs, he should not put someone there with a record of dishonesty."  "It's a gentleman's sport becasue you tend to play alone and that's why it's important to be honest."  "This game shows the character and strength of a person."
Executive Secretary Pacquito Ochoa has downplayed Alvarez golfing flub and Alvarez has asked that he be given a chance to prove himself through his "collection card".

Philippine Star: Alvarez has trained his sights on "influence peddlers" or "name droppers"
Apparently, the MICP and the ports of Limay, Cagayan de Oro, Zamboanga and Clark failed to meet their targets.
MICP collected only P27.62 billion for the first half of the year as against its target of P28.06 billion.
Port officials, who asked not to be named for fear of reprisal, said the collection shortfall may be due to the fact that smugglers connected to the previous administration might have doubled their shipments prior to the elections.
The BOC chief said barely three days after he was sworn in as commissioner, he already received reports that unscrupulous persons have started making the rounds of Customs stakeholders to inform them that they are well-connected with people in the new administration.
The Customs chief said there will be no preferential treatment for companies operating at the waterfront particularly because he used to be president of the freight-forwarding company Airfreight 21 Inc.
“In fact, since I am closely associated with Air21 and FedEx, this preferential treatment will even be disadvantageous to these companies because all eyes will be on them, on us,” he said. “If I give preferential treatment to these two companies, I’m sure the industry would create a big howl so it will be a disadvantage for them.”

My reaction:  Golf is stupid and anyone who says that this game is a game of character is even more stupid.  And more to the point, WHY THE HELL DID YOU MORONS VOTE FOR SOTTO?

As for "name droppers and influence peddlers", Alvarez conveniently has scapegoats for smuggling and that is Gloria Macapagal Arroyo et al.

I doubt it if people these days will still be dropping names associated with the previous administration and MORE TO THE POINT, I'd like to see Alvarez go after those who may use the name of PNoy or any body associated with him.

Right now there is a story going around that PNoy has received quite a lot of gifts, among them might be a couple of 7 series BMWs.  Do you really think these "gifts" are free?

Another point is, while the Customs is one of those agencies functioning under the attrition law and it has been accused of setting its targets at unrealistically low levels.  Even if it does reach its targets set in accordance with the Attrition Law, it doesn't follow that smuggling has been minimized.  

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