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Filipino columnist says Hongkong Chief Donald Tsang is beneath President Aquino, Filipino blogger says Chinese also ought to apologize for murder of Filipino tourist


埃德溫 Jamora的Blogger博客的Barrio錫特說,中國應該說對不起第一殺害的菲律賓人在天安門廣場

I am not saying that President Noynoy Aquino is panicking at this point.  However, I am imagining what would happen if he did.

I can imagine that in a panic situation, the first people to appear on the scene would be the Public Relations advisers and friendly media executives that created him.  Perhaps, arriving almost at the same time would be a few political allies -- and I have no idea right now if this includes Mar Roxas.

So far, those who have seemingly answered the trumpet call to defend President Noynoy Aquino from bad publicity are the likes of wheel chair bound Billy Esposo and the blog of one Edwin Jamora.

In his recent column, Esposo faults everyone except President Aquino for the fatally failed hostage rescue attempt at the Quirino Grandstand on Monday.

It seems that he is even cleaving to the line Undersecretary Ricky Carandang has taken in explaining why Hongkong Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam Kuen's call to President Noynoy Aquino wasn't received.  In his view, despite the urgency of the situation, diplomatic protocol should have been adhered to and Tsang was simply not the person who should have called Aquino.

It is also pathetic of our media to be making such a big fuss out of Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang’s failed call to P-Noy. This is a reflection of our damaged culture. It did not even occur to them that they’re making a big fuss over something which is not even allowed by protocol. If there is anyone who should call P-Noy because they are on the same level as national leaders it is China’s Premier Hu Jintao. Nobody in the Hong Kong hierarchy is in a position to address P-Noy, much less demand anything from him. Still, our idiotic media pandered to Tsang’s whims and demands.
Donald Tsang and his cohorts may be under the illusion that they’ve got us by the neck because of the many Filipinos working there. Yes, that is a leverage Tsang has but our leverage with China is even bigger. China needs our minerals and Chinese security is screwed if P-Noy goes all the way with the real US agenda in Mindanao. Hasn’t anybody noticed how come the Chinese Ambassador is quite the opposite of Donald Tsang – very subdued and accommodating to the P-Noy administration?
The Chinese Ambassador knows about their big interest in our country. Being a mere local governor, Donald Tsang does not need to know this. Unaware of how important we are to China, Tsang can only address his local problems. It comes as no surprise that he must show the Hong Kong community that he is reacting to the Luneta tragedy in a manner that reflects the sentiments of his constituents.
Read the rest of Billy Esposo's article here: 
The people of Hongkong ought to e-mail Mr. Esposo, his e-mail address is

Another person to come out of the woodworks to, in a way, defend President Aquino is Mr. Edwin Jamora through his blog Barrio Siete.

In its latest post, Barrio Siete sees parallels between Tiananmen Square and Luneta in the fatal killing of a Filipino tourist by a scythe wielding madman.
But. To this day, five years after it happened, there is no public record of any Chinese official acknowledging the tourist killings in Tiananmen Square and apologizing to the Madrigals, much less the Filipino people, for the murder of Emmanuel, Regina Mia and Vivian. Not a single expression of regret that the Chinese police failed in their duty to protect the lives of innocent tourists in the very heart of Beijing, in the symbolic center of a state that prides itself most of all for its ability to control and contain disorder. There was a total blackout on the part of the Chinese press, and, according to another news report, government censors quickly blocked many internet sites where Chinese users had begun to post comments about the killing. So we will likely never know what ordinary Chinese citizens had to say about about the incident. Maybe some of them were actually sorry for what happened. The closest thing to expressed regret was in fact the final reported action of the killer Wang, who waived his right to appeal the sentence of execution, and got a bullet in the back of his head.

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Chino said...

Esposo is a fracking idiot. He thinks Tsang is only a show-off, when you could tell that Tsang's a man who's serious about his job.

I also believe that the scythe-killing in Tiananmen is a hoax. If it was true, there should be articles about it in 2005 online. But the only articles about it are dated Aug 2010! It's freaking propaganda. How low of the 3-headed monster to resort to such destructive lies.

In addition, even if it is true, it is totally wrong to charge China for this. If happened long ago, it should've been settled long ago! It's clear that the Madrigal story's purpose was to get back at China - which is utterly irresponsible!

If China censored it, then they did it right... unlike our own media which broadcast the event to the rest of the world, and showed how stupid our country is!

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