Monday, August 16, 2010

Is President Aquino really going to clean up Pasig River? Some don't think he is.

Asapakayo left a comment on a previous post on Pnoy's plans to revive the Pasig River, and I think it ought to be give its own space.
Do you seriously think this administration will be able to revive Pasig River? Have you been living under a rock? Former President Fidel Ramos was a civil engineer and he failed to bring the river back to life. His successor, Joseph Estrada, was — well — never mind. And, how about Former President Gloria Arroyo? Nada.
What makes you think or rather hope President Benigno Aquino III has what it takes to reclaim Pasig River from those who have made it their backyard? I’m not only referring to the informal settlers who have made the banks of Pasig River their home and toilet. There are much bigger fish to fry. Of course I’m talking about the big companies that continue to operate their factories along the river.
I have a theory. These big companies and some of the squatters along Pasig River are in league with each other. Do a visual inspection and take note of the physical layout of the squatter colonies. You will notice that these colonies are usually in close proximity to these companies’ manufacturing plants, factories, and warehouses. It’s as if the shanties serve as buffer, a protective wall for those industrial facilities.
Believe you me, this administration will not succeed in rehabilitating Pasig River unless it develops serious political will. Rehabilitating the river requires lots of it. For how else should the government deal with the squatters and the local and multinational companies that continue to operate along the river and its tributaries.
Piecemeal solutions such as clean up operations done one estero at a time are not effective. It’s obvious more needs to be done all at once. Remove the source of the pollution you prevent further damage to the river.
Will the Aquino administration dare pursue this approach. No chance in hell. So stop this nonsense about Pasig River’s rehabilitation. Just accept the fact it’s dead.
Here’s an idea. Why don’t we just dump soil and cement into the river and turn it into reclaimed real estate?
Benigno Simeon Aquino III signed up for the job and he doesn't have a choice but to step up to the task.  

As President, Pnoy should be defining what his job will be and should be at the helm of accomplishing the job he has designed for his administration.

Given the character that he has displayed over the years, I don't think he will act any differently from how he has acted throughout his political career.  This is to say that he'll take the easy and less risky route, a route that he knows has served him quite well all these years and has in fact rewarded him with the Presidency.

I guess the question as to whether he is serious or not should be about cleaning up the Pasig River ought to be rephrased.

We should ask if WE, the people, are serious about cleaning up the Pasig River.

I think he'll eventually throw back the responsibility of cleaning up the Pasig River to the people -- US.

And one more thing, at least Gloria Macapagal Arroyo cleaned up the tracks of the PNR. I hope Noynoy's administration doesn't allow the tracks to be taken back by squatters.

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pasigriveravenger said...

so i see asapakayo also left you that same comment.

i can't blame him for having such a cynical view. the philippine government is not known for continuity.

nice point about the arroyo administration cleaning up the PNR tracks. if PNoy really means to make the Philippines a better place, he should definitely continue what was started with that.

i hope the same thing happens to the pasig river. this government should start removing all squatter colonies and industrial facilities along the river and its esteros.

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