Thursday, August 26, 2010

Malacanang Executive says he doubts HK Chief Executive Tsang actually called

This is from the Philippine Daily Inquirer:

"Di kapanipaniwala yan ’dahil accessible siya sa lahat ng oras [That is unbelievable because the President is accessible all the time],'' Secretary Herminio Coloma, head of the Presidential Communications and Operations Office, told ABS-CBN's program "Umagang Kay Ganda''.
Coloma was reacting to Tsang's reported frantic phone calls to Mr. Aquino last Monday and his complaint that he could not reach the Philippine leader.
“If [Tsang] called the office of the President, his call will be received. Even if the President left the Palace for a short while, he could still be reached because his mobile phones are with his aides,'' Coloma said.
So, one Communications Group Executive says that diplomatic protocol had prevent the call from going through and another Communications Group Executive says that the call didn't actually happen.

On one hand, one Malacanang Palace officials says Tsang was ignorant of protocol and another says Tsang is a liar.

Oh my God!

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