Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lessons from Brian Gorrell remain relevant because they have gone unheeded

"I started my incredible blogging journey under the most dire of circumstances, when my Filipino ex lover Delfin DJ Montano fraudulently obtained my life savings (US70,000) leaving me with nothing and he eventually fled the Philippines for San Fransisco in disgrace. DJ tried to destroy my life even after having me kidnapped (with help from Celine Lopez) from my hotel room in Manila and enforced my interrogation in jail for a highly illegal amount of time. My story is somewhat epic and it's etched in everything immoral and corrupt that surrounded my ex boyfriend DJ Montano and that aspect of the Philippines HIGH Society which allowed him to commit crime after crime and walk away......."

The story of Delfin DJ Montano, Brian Gorrell, and the corruption makes up the very fabric of Philippine High Society has been forgotten and the lessons have been lost... Or has it?

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