Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Milk for Lean (Gatas para kay Lean)

Two nights ago I watched Kara David's story about a malnourished child in Camarines Sur and was quite disturbed with what I saw.

The child in Kara's report was nothing more than a bag of bones, being severely malnourished from a diet that consisted mainly of rice water or am and rice coffee (rice that had been toasted, ground up, and mixed with water).

Apart from being severely emaciated, the child's development was severely retarded.  He/she could neither crawl or even turn on his belly.  There were sores all over his butt, probably because of having to lie down on a hard floor all day.

Guys, I'm writing about this because I want to ask you all to help this kid out.  Get in touch with Kara David ( or visit her project's website, find out how you can help Lean and other children like Lean.

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