Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Unilever Philippines website contact page bug

Noted Philippine Star columnist Jarius Bondoc advised me to write to Unilever Philippines to ask about what they are doing about the plastic pollution generated by their products packaged in plastic sachets.

Wanting to avoid the hassle of actually sending a letter via snail mail, I thought of using their corporate website's contact page.

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Here were the questions I wanted to ask:

I would like to know, how many Unilever Philippines products have plastic sachet/pouch variants? 
What are these products? Are the plastic sachets that you use recyclable or biodegradable?  
How do you make sure that the discarded sachets do not end up polluting the environment? 
Do you have a retrieval system for the sachets that your company uses to package its products?

And after filling out the required information, I pressed SEND and the website came back with an error message.

I checked if any of the fields I wrote information on had any mistakes in them and found out there were none. So I tried sending it again and but kept getting the same error message.

I'm now planning hand carrying a letter to Unilever Philippines, after I find out who I should address the letter to.

Anyway, if you guys want to try to make inquiries about Unilever Philippines' environmental programs, try logging on to their website's contact page.

See if you have better luck than me:

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Anonymous said...

dear sir: we share the same idea. i already wrote my email to nestle asking the same questions.i hope you could get an answer from unilever.please share the info.it would make a big difference in helping our country clean.pls email me chad_mascarinas@yahoo.com!thank you very much!

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