Monday, November 29, 2010

Look outward, Philippines!

There's one thing I notice about Philippine news programs -- and it may seem that I am playing Captain Obvious here -- but it rarely features important developments in other parts of the world that may have a long ranging impact on the Philippines.

Sure, most people in the Philippines followed news on the Desert War in the early 90's, then perhaps 9-11, and the US Presidential elections where Obama won.

I'd even bet news on oil shortages and violence in some troubled middle eastern country gets some air time.

Now and again, we'll hear of some Filipino OFW getting into some kind of trouble and that is when Filipino ears start tuning in.

My impression is that the Philippines is like some insecure teenager, forever staring at its face in the mirror and forever obsessed with its own petty dramas.

Sure, I could be wrong and exceptions can be pointed out.

But isn't it true that most of the times, we are looking at what is wrong with the Philippines and forever blaming everything on something or someone else other than ourselves. We're engrossed in fatalism.

As a country, it seems we are fighting amongst ourselves rather than fighting for ourselves as a country.

We are a people looking inward, staring at its own navel as other countries march forward to compete with each other.

In the coming days, I'll be blogging here at Pinoy Buzz and try to articulate my point.

For now, this is me, Pancho Villacorta, saying "Hello world!"

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