Friday, November 19, 2010

Tourism Usec. Enteng Romano is in Las Vegas, asking PH Tourism offices to use "Pilipinas, kay ganda" slogan

In his first attempt to set a bold new direction for the Philippine's tourism industry, it seems Secretary Bertie Lim committed a major blunder.

For reasons he cannot fully explain, his department approved and launched an untested re-branding concept for Philippine tourism without consulting tourism industry stakeholders as mandated by the Tourism Act of 2009.

New logo for Philippine tourism approved by DoT is derived from Poland's logo.

Right now, a mole in his department says that Tourism Undersecretary for Promotion Enteng Romano is in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA ordering Philippine Tourism Offices there to USE the much criticized "Pilipinas kay ganda" slogan.  This, despite vehement reactions from the upper and lower chambers of the Philippine congress -- some members of which vowed to deprive the Department of Tourism of a promotion budget should it insist on using the slogan.

The question is, if Campaigns and Grey wasn't paid for coming up with the NEW slogan and logo, WHY IS THE DOT INSISTING ON USING IT despite negative criticism?

I don't think it is merely to find some justification for its use, buoyed perhaps by some press release from a friendly "tourism" maven in the US or claims that the reception of the new slogan in the US was warm.

I smell a sweetheart deal here, somewhere.

Here's something  that was written by Usec. Romano, showing disdain for COA procedures:

The overarching philosophy of governance is one of mistrust – an assumption that everyone will steal unless prevented and monitored by the almighty COA.
Pre-audits and bidding procedures are designed to discourage arbitrary selection of favored vendors. Good, but it also prevents you from getting reliable partners who are known to deliver, especially fortime-sensitive projects. And it's so time-consuming that you loseout on opportunistic offers.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to our beloved country... Sigh...

John Abraham said...

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