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Tourism Usec. Vicente Romano III admits hiring daughter for Pilipinas kay ganda launch

Former Usec. Romano with Tourism Sec. Bertie Lim
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Delicadeza or iwas pusoy?  This was the question that I've been asking since Tourism Undersecretary Enteng Romano resigned and got lauded for the supposed act of delicadeza.

I actually lauded him right before I started thinking that Romano was actually acting with the approval of both President Noynoy Aquino and Tourism Secretary Bertie Lim.  The act of resigning for the bungled tourism re-branding project was therefore more to save face for the President and the Tourism Secretary, therefore making Romano a patsy.

And GOOD GOD did my blood boil when I heard former Vice President Noli De Castro read several documents saying that DENISE ROMANO, the daughter of Tourism Usec. Romano, actually benefited from several contracts awarded for the launching of the "Pilipinas kay ganda" slogan and logo.  De Castro it seems, was reading from a document that said that the company of a certain Winston Desiderio was used as a FRONT for DENISE ROMANO.  The two or three contracts were worth well over P1,000,000.

Now. here comes Usec. Romano admitting that he actually had his daughter hired for the relaunch of the Pilipinas kay ganda.  But the thing is, Usec. Romano says that his daughter did the job PRO-BONO -- which suggests that she was not paid for her services.

Really? Really! Well... The thing is THIS REVELATION FOLLOWS only after Tourism Undersecretary Bertie Lim was discovered lying about the cost of the event.  So after we discover one lie, are we now expected to believe this fluff?

A friend says, whether or not DENISE ROMANO was indeed paid for her services, it is still nepotism.

This comes from the blog of RG Cruz:

Resigned Tourism Undersecretary Vicente Romano confirmed to ABS-CBN News that his daughter Denise was involved in the launch of the Pilipinas Kay Ganda Project last November 15. Romano says he asked Denise, a director of corporate events and presentations for private companies, to handle the events direction since he wanted someone he could trust.
Romano indicated to ABS-CBN that he put a premium on the urgency of the project over the possible questions of impropriety and delicadeza in hiring Denise. “Yung daughter ko ang kinuha kong director malinaw yun na pro bono yun. Ang dahilan dun kaya ko siya kunuha we had 3-4 weeks of preparations I needed someone I can trust medyo technical ang production. Ako di ko kinoconsider na improperity yun I just want to deliver a good event para makumbinse na yung pupunta that brand is something they can introduce”
Denise is a broadcast communication graduate form the University of the Philippines-Diliman. She is currently head of an events company whose clients include big companies. “she heads events company called csi yun yung mga kliyente microsoft cisco, kaya siya kuha ko experienced siya sa corporate events”
Romano says his daughter directed the event pro-bono. Romano however clarified that neither  Denise nor anyone from his family was involved in the events supplier hired for the project, Ten Inch. “isa sa mga pinakalamalaki yan they had several projects before”
Romano says Ten Inch is a long time supplier of the DOT and won the contract for the project from an open bidding.
Romano says he is saddened Denise is being linked to the controversy “dun ako nalulungkot pinpilit na ilink siya…kumabaga nakadapa na nga…concern ko kasi roon was in production highly technical I just wanted to make sure hindi papalpak.I made it clear I introduced her to the team given time constraint I preferred to consider na successful dapat yung launch.”
Romano says the almost P5m he spent for the night of the launch alone was justified and even less expensive than similar events in the private sector.
“Just to put in perspective typical corporate event will be more expensive. Maski sa dot pakalkal mo lahat ng evants na stage nila This is very comparable considering you have 700”
Romano urged his critics to move on.
For his part, Tourism Secretary Alberto Lim told ABS-CBN by phone that he is investigating the involvement of Romano’s daughter, though he hastened to add that any administrative liabilities have been extinguished by his resignation. Lim say “ it’s a matter of delicadeza” on Romano’s part.

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DJ said...

 Uh... I was actually planning to talk to Tio Procy Alcala (Dept of Agri Secretary) about helping him market farmers' and fishermen's produce at a better price and was thinking  to do it pro-bono but this story has made me consider putting away  my plans. Being a sales and marketing strategist contracted by some business tycoons in the Philippines who pay me good, why am I disqualified to help my Tito out? People who can't believe that there still exist a rare breed of idealistic people who will help without being paid, will not find it in their heart to do it so they don't believe anyone would want to do it probono. This is really the problem.  Now, Denise has very good qualifications (thumbs up to a fellow UPian).  Stop putting "delicadeza" over a good job well done whether paid or not. Besides, 10 inch won in an open bid so that was fair play.

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