Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tourism Usec. Vicente Romano III's resignation, was it really delicadeza or iwas pusoy?

In his resignation letter, Tourism Undersecretary Vicente Romano III states his wishes:

I take full responsibility for the branding controversy, and for this reason I am tendering my irrevocable resignation effective immediately 
I hope this puts closure on the issue. I now appeal to the industry stakeholders, to media, and to the general public to put this behind us and rally behind Secretary Lim, whose only fault in this whole controversy is in trusting me completely.
Not so fast Mr. Undersecretary...

Just a few minutes ago, I heard Kabayan Noli de Castro on the radio going through some of the paperwork on the launch of the "Pilipinas, kay ganda" re-branding concept.  The thing is he mentioned at least two supply contracts that was awarded to a certain Winston Desiderio who allegedly was fronting for Denise Romanao -- the daughter of Mr. Undersecretary Romano.

WHAT THE FUCK?!!  Kung tutoo ito, anong pagbabago ang sinasabi mong UNGGOY ka?!!

Cronyism... DIYAN PO NAKILALAANG NAUNANG CORY AQUINO ADMINISTRATION... Don't tell me that it's back with a vengeance.


Anonymous said...

Winston Desiderio was just contracted to supply for the sound and light requirements for the launch and nothing more. The poor guy is not yet even paid yet for his company's services to this day and there are people who have the microphone and the airwaves who brandish the guy in a bad light. Noli de Castro, just shut your mouth and go to the courts and prove your case.

Admin said...

Really? The documents say otherwise.

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