Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Frothing in the mouth won't help you change the country

One ignores a rabid dog at his or her own risk.

The advise, which I am sure is a pretty wise one from someone who was actually bitten by a rabid dog, is to stay the hell away from one.

And the same advise may apply to people who behave the same way.

Calling other people ignorant, stupid, idiotic, insane, and other choice words of the moment only tends to keep other people from understanding what you are trying to say.

Just the mere act of pointing out another person's error is can lead to wounded feelings, what more if you call a person an idiot, ignorant, stupid...  And if they really are idiotic, ignorant, and stupid, that's ought to give you more reason to be gentle with the way you reveal their follies and advise them on how to correct their mistakes.

Those who've read some of my blog posts may point out that I've been nasty, condescending, snarky, and wrote like a rabid dog in my attempts to promote one point of view or another.

The thing is, I realize that they may be right and this is me saying that I'll try to change.  Hopefully, this change will make me more effective in being of some help to people who want to change this country.

What this country needs is not just a change OF men,
but a change IN men.


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