Monday, January 03, 2011

Re-tooling for Twenny Eleven... More on entrepreneurship, less on politics

This writer/blogger has gone through one of the most fruitful but tiring years of his life, so much so that after the May elections he has basically sworn off work and gone into a lot of deal making in preparation for the coming year. (Read deal making as having lots of lunches, dinners, and bouts of drinking with potential business partners.)

None of the current deal making has anything to do with politics at all and has everything to do with the work of setting up actual businesses that'll hopefully bear fruit in the coming years.

When this blog was set up around six years ago in 2005, it was called "Philippine Business and Life Stories" and being connected with the Office of the Presidential Adviser for Jobs Generation (being one of only seven people in that Office), I had hoped to use it as a channel for letting people know about emerging entrepreneurial opportunities.  

Of course, I knew little about entrepreneurship myself but that year, but I was surrounded by so many successful business people and I learned of so many good stories about successful entrepreneurial projects.  The energy and enthusiasm around these entrepreneurs was simply amazing and I was electrified.

The thing is, I'm in that milieu again and I'm thinking of writing more and more about entrepreneurs.

From where I am looking at things right now, politics as it is right now seems to be a hopeless wreck for the many reasons I've been articulating (ranting about) since the start of 2009.  Lately, though, looking at the wreck and picking at its more interesting bits has become somewhat of a downer and I don't have the energy to see my way through to finding a solution.  Perhaps I've reached the limits of my intellectual capacity for Philippine politics (as it is right now)

Anyway, my friends at Get Real Philippines/Anti-Pinoy have been doing an awesome job not just at critiquing the current administration but also at drawing up a road map for getting the country out of political juvenile-ism which BongV wrote.  Right now, Orion Perez is doing an awesome job at getting people to take up the cause of Charter Change and I believe that changing the Constitution will lead to a lot of substantive political change -- following the theory that to change the political culture, you have to introduce changes in the system that governs it. The rest of the Get Real crew (ChinoF, Ben Kritz, and Better Philippines are still at it) and KUDOS to them!

So, this means I'll be ranting less and less about Philippine Politics while increasing my output on articles about Philippine Entreprenuership.

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