Saturday, February 12, 2011

Touting Social Media's role in toppling Egypt's Mubarak

There is a failure of analysis here somewhere.

Computerworld - As Egypt's embattled President Hosni Mubarak gave up his presidency Friday, analysts and some of the Egyptian protestors said he'd still be in charge if not for the power of social networking. 
After 18 days of tumultuous protests and stubborn refusals to leave a position he's held for 30 years, Mubarakgave up power today, handing over authority to the nation's military leaders. During a time of unrest that saw Mubarak's regime disconnect Egypt from the Internet for several days, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter served as critical tools for the people seeking to topple the long-time ruler. 
President Barack Obama this afternoon noted the role of technology in the uprising, praising Egyptians who used "their creativity, talent and technology to call for a government that represented their hopes and not their fears." 
"I certainly do not think he would have left office at this point if it wasn't for social networking tools," said Brad Shimmin, principal analyst with Current Analysis. "I think they wanted all eyes to be turned away from the uprising, but the crackdowns on Internet access failed. 
"Because of that, Mubarak and his regime felt they had no other choice than to step down."
Here's the thing, not all the Tweeting and Facebooking in the world will force a dictator to abandon his throne.

It is the loss of the power to wield 'real force' (an army, for example) that forces dictators to skedaddle and vamoose.


Anonymous said...

I think I should be marked here. TheSexyHomeChef visited your site and liked what she read.

The operative word is like, good writing, it's political but not too far left.

It is safe to say that reading you in the morning will not leave a bad taste in the mouth.

Good job guys.

Paul Farol said...

My buddies at Get Real might be impressed (even if nothing at all impresses their Vulcan sensibilities).

Thank you for visiting SexyHomeChef.

I do hope you take my offer of help in setting up your blog one of these days.

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