Monday, March 14, 2011

Anti-Noynoy no more...

Over the course of several months I've been blogging less and less.

It's not because the fire has gone out in me.  It's because I've been channeling my energy towards a couple of projects which I think will pay off with the sort of change that I envisioned.

One vision is that of a resilient and self-reliant community through renewable energy and sustainable farming practices.

Another vision, and this one is something which will actually sustain me in my efforts, is a phone app that will help people make better decisions.

Both of these things will succeed with or without the help of the government or the present administration.

I find it rather funny that people online are harping on every move that the Aquino administration makes as if the consequences of such actions were going to make any immediate or direct impact on their lives.

If it were a matter of cutting subsidies to the poor, perhaps. But then, that's something that I don't find all together worth protesting.

It was a conversation with Go Baguio's Lisa Araneta one afternoon that crystallized things for me.

She told me that Aquino's Administration may be a good thing, in the sense, that perhaps, people would be forced to (1) stop asking for help and answers, (2) realize that they are on their own, and (3) become more self-reliant.

The second Aquino administration won't help people cope with the reality of rising consumer prices, it can't help everyone be safe on the streets, they won't make it easier for ordinary people to uncover corruption, they won't make it easier for people to take care of their reproductive health, it can't rescue all our people in the Middle East or in Japan, etcetera.  They may make a grand exercise at convincing people that they are doing these things, but, really... They won't be able to help everyone.

So what are people going to do?

Well, they'll do what they've always done and that is to take care of themselves -- which is not something that is completely wrong. 

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