Tuesday, March 08, 2011

National Association of Bloggers in the Philippines

There is nothing wrong at all with the idea of organizing a group.  The right to assembly and free speech are guaranteed in the present constitution.

What I do take issue with is what may be a false pretense used as the rationale for organizing a National Bloggers' Association or a Philippine Bloggers' Association.

First of all, I guess the organizers of this movement for a National Bloggers' association should perhaps be honest and upfront about the nature of their involvement in the community.

The first thing you have to own up to is to tell everyone whether you are marketers or journalists?  Will the organization of such a group actually benefit your businesses or jobs as consultants?

Tell me about BLOGGERS' ethics after you come out with that.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, right, whose ultimate goal is to restrict free speech by regulating it.

Paul Farol said...

Well, free speech is not an absolute freedom to say absolutely anything and everything you want.

It is regulated by laws on libel and slander as well as other laws, including IPR.

So, if you thought about it that way, free speech is regulated.

The point to this particular blog post is that the movers and shakers for the National Association of People with Blogs is that it seems like a covert or at least inexplicit way of getting people to sign up for:

1. A political party
2. An organization that will use its membership base as means to market the services of its organizers

And this sly way of getting people to sign up without reading the fine print is the problem.

It looks dishonest and probably is.

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