Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Restorante La Capre

Guess what happened?

I decided to knock off work early today and head off to treat myself to few rounds of beer at what is now my favorite watering hole, "Restorante La Capre".

It is a resto-bar tucked away in one of the quieter sections of the Morato area (well, it's two or three blocks north of T. Morato) on the corner of Scout Santiago and Scout Limbaga.

As soon as I sat down and ordered my first San Mig Light of the day, the waiter that was taking my order told me that I was getting free pulutan -- on the house.


Simply because this little restaurant owned and operated by Nandy Ilagan had just celebrated it's first anniversary on April 29.

And from various accounts from the regulars here, it was a blast! (Too bad I wasn't there.)

Anyway, Restorante La Capre's strong suit is its delectable and delicious array of standard as well as exotic beer-mates or pulutan.

Restaurante La Capre is here to give you a different kind of dining experience.
We serve different kinds of exotic dishes such as Sizzling Asian Crocodile, Tapang Usa, Baboy Damo,
Sizzling Kabayo, and Adobong Duck.

Get a load of it's exotic dishes:

I usually order Pizza Kebab, but this afternoon, I decided on having something gamey... So I ordered Kalderetang Duck.

This spicy bit of heaven on earth is -- I swear -- the best rendition of Kaldereta anything! And I've tried almost every imaginable kaldereta in the country.

And best of all, San Mig Light is just P28.00 and San Mig Pale Pilsen is P25.00

Tara na!

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