Thursday, September 29, 2011

PALEA engages in real sabotage? Whoah!

Engaging in work stoppage is one thing, but a direct act of sabotage is another - if Babes Romualdez column is to be believed.
Key-dnapping by PAL employee  
With Typhoon Pedring already causing havoc to millions of Filipinos all over the country, PAL employees chose to stage what has been condemned as an illegal strike, stranding over 14,000 passengers in the process. Passengers were naturally furious at what some described as “a highly calculated act of sabotage.” But what many find condemnable is the alleged stealing committed by a flight attendant. According to reports, this unnamed FA ran off with the key of the truck that would tow the passenger boarding ramp to the aircraft. Boarding ramps are used for safe boarding and de-boarding, and the alleged irresponsible act caused undue stress and anxiety to passengers. Whoever carried out this key-dnapping should be made accountable for making the passengers suffer emotionally and psychologically. What this flight attendant did is totally unfair and criminal – and he should be charged accordingly!

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