Monday, September 19, 2011

Street protests against fuel price increases are just as stupid as planking

Planking is stupid and useless.  So are street protests over fuel price increases.

Protesting fuel price increases may have some temporary effect as some fuel companies may actually lower the price of gas, diesel, and other petroleum products because they are afraid of unrest. But over the longer haul, fuel prices are still going to go up.

When you talk about fossil fuel, you are talking about a commodity that is of limited supply and is in high demand.  In fact, the supply of fossil fuel is so limited that some people are saying that we may not even have enough to go around after 50 years.  More than that, the demand for fossil fuel is virtually limitless.

Even if all the Filipinos in the Philippines stop using gasoline and diesel until oil companies bring down the cost of fuel, the vast organizations that control this resource would probably not even notice.

The Philippines is a small blip on their radar, as far as demand is concerned.

However, what'll get their attention is if the Philippines finds a way to really break free from fossil fuels completely or at least at a significant level.

We have the resources and the know-how.

The real protest, the effective one, is using renewable energy.

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