Sunday, October 09, 2011

Reading the full text, final consolidated Reproductive Health (RH) bill, HB 4244

A few days ago, I got into a bit of an online tussle with a few people who support the Reproductive Health Bill or House Bill 4244.

One even said that I had lost (in the argument) or lost his respect.  Though it did sting a bit because it came from someone who loved Red Horse as much as I do, I somehow managed to steel myself and keep myself from falling on the floor, wailing "Why GOD WHY ME!!!"

In truth, the concept and intent of the bill appeals to me quite strongly.  Especially when I think of all those nameless and faceless unwilling mothers who suddenly, surprisingly find themselves in dire need of reproductive health care.

In my brain, the strains of Les Miserables well up and my heart floods with tears.

Man! That shit just makes me blow snot bubbles.

The producers of Les Miserables in the Philippines
barred me from entry the second time around
after ushers found me weeping inconsolably
after Fantine croaked on stage.
Moreover, I do not have any reason to question the motives of those who are pushing for the passage of what they believe will be landmark bill insofar as safeguarding and promoting women's rights are concerned.

Anyway, here's an excerpt of the news article in Inquirer:
“For 2012, (the DOH is asking) P13.7 billion,” Cayetano, head of the Senate committee on health and demography, responding to Senator Lito Lapid’s query. 
Based on the DOH’s proposal, P18.5 million would be allocated for capacity building, P12.5 million for priority health program, and P3 million for the major final output of the health policy and development program. 
Okay... If you don't see what's wrong with the picture here, then you've got bigger problems than reading comprehension.

Lito Lapid, aka Mr. Lahar Quarrying permit, asking about how much money there'll be for RH and prior to that being quite vocal about being against the proposed legislation.

Okay... Hmmmmm....  Isn't that just like asking, "So, how much will my take be if I approve the bill?"

I have been known to successfully ignore the fact that concepts and intentions are wonderful winged creatures until they touch the ground.

While the fact that implementing the proposed law will cost the government (or Filipino taxpayers) a lot of money gave me some cause to be quite concerned, I did make some effort to believe that the the Philippine Government could actually be relied upon to use whatever funds are allocated for RH efficiently.

I mean, for God's sakes! If bigger, better governments can be very efficient with the taxpapers' money, I'm sure it'll be a cinch for the good only Philippine Republic which according to Transparency International has is 134th in its Worldwide Corruption Perceptions ranking of countries.  I mean, that's got to count for something right?

I'm sure, that with President Benigno Aquino the Third at the helm, by golly, we'll be closer to Denmark in no TIME AT ALL!

Moreover, I entertained the idea that the authors, proponents, advocates, and supporters of the proposed legislation would have thought of including mechanisms that would safeguard it from the usual abuse, circumvention, and what-not that ails most of our nobly conceived laws.

When I asked around, among the answers I got essentially amounted to: "Have faith in 'the system,' and don't be so pessimistic."

Another answer is:

"The Commission on Audit will make SURE the budget for RH will not be dissipated by corruption!"

Yet, another answer was:

"Then we should stop spending for free education and other free benefits as well because those too are being corrupted."

To which I say, 'Why not?'

(More aggravating points of view to follow)

1 comment:

Ben Kritz said...

Now you see what I mean.

Well-meaning? Sure.

Addressing an issue that needs to be addressed, and is the properly the responsibility of government? Absolutely.

Good plan of action? Oh, hell no.

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