Monday, October 17, 2011

You don't have to read the RH Bill to have an opinion about it

If one so-called "lawyer" can claim any constitutional infirmity contained in a proposed piece of legislation automatically becomes constitutionally sound if passed, then perhaps other friends of mine who know absolutely nothing about passing laws can also join in the RH Bill debates.

I mean, apparently, reading HB4244 is NOT even a pre-requisite to venturing an opinion on the RH Bill.  After taking the Anti-RH side, I've encountered people who are so passionately Pro-RH that they haven't even bothered to understand what the bill says at all.

It would be so funny if a literal war erupts where in both sides of the RH Bill debate kill each other and not one of them even got to read the bill in its entirety.

Perhaps, in that way, the RH Bill would have proven to be a least cost form of population control that eliminates only opinionated idiots -- some of who may have actually engaged in planking.

Suddenly, the world would be quieter and more peaceful place.

Anyway, a friend of mine who is actually a fan of my writing, sent me a rather interesting text message and although I do not share his opinion, I do believe everyone's say on the matter of RH ought to be counted.

So, here is what my friend has to say:
If you notice the rabid ones online and in media are from the gay and lesbian community, which is so funny because: 
1. They hate the Church for judging them for their moral and sexual preference/practice so anything that the church says is bad, no matter how true it is about them. 
2. They are in a fight for reproductive health even though their practice has no bearing with reproduction whatsoever. 
3. At least half of them -- the MSMs -- are the primary consumers of condoms which means they will be the primary beneficiaries when teh state spends taxpayer money to give condoms away, not the poor families.

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