Friday, November 25, 2011

Ending It All

This country went coo coo, a long time ago.

What started it all was the idea that Filipinos, the meek and tolerating lot of brown monkey spunk that they all really are, woke up in the horrible hours of mornig past the middle of february more than 20 years ago and decided to stop what would have amounted to a ten minute war.

Whoever thought that after deposing the son of Satan himself, they'd actually start worshipping the Grand Empress of Yellow?

Go figure.

In more recent times, the feat was repeated when they deposed a King of Whoring qnd Corruption, and replaced him with the Arch Duchess of Machiavellian Arts.

These people are doomed, and yet, like the vagrant snorting a plastic bag full of rugby, they manage to survive the toxic hangover.

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