Saturday, December 03, 2011

DJ Mojo gives up and leaves Mo Twister?

All the commotion over Mo Twister's latest 'leaked video' is probably just the tip of the iceberg of what really happens when the DJ is off the air.  It's quite a stretch to believe someone could have recovered a video file from Mo's laptop and just chanced upon finding that one particular video of him saying that Rhian Ramos had an abortion.

Mo Twister, according to some people, was actually behind the leaked videos of Maui Taylor, Hayden Kho, and other video scandals.  If for anything, some say this latest leakage is all part of a plot to destroy Rhian and GMA7 would be perfectly justified in pursuing legal action against Mo.

Anyway, apparently, it wasn't just Rhian who had called it quits with Mo Twister.

Fellow DJ Mojo Jojo who used to share the air time with him on Good Times With Mo on 89.9 has reportedly left Mo Twister.

Mojo is said to be now heading up a new show with major financial backing and will be airing soon.

Here's a picture for the show's merchandising.

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rara said...

that's rico robles right,so does that mean he will transfer to a another station?

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