Friday, March 23, 2012

Booster Energy Shot... I love you.

Caffeine loaded drinks get me through my 18-hour long days.  I start my day earlier when most people are still sleeping and end it long after most people have tucked in for the night. 

But some times, in the middle of the day and just after lunch (around 2:00PM or 3:00PM), my energy level some times drops.  I usually blame it on whatever I had for lunch and some of my friends say it's because of the circadian rhythm.

I used to take coffee with as little sugar as possible at around this time.  But some times, it's just a hassle to get up, mix up a cup of joe, and wait for it to cool.  Sometimes I just need a quick boost in between deadlines.

Energy drinks would be a time saver, except that most of them are too sweet, too strongly carbonated, or have that weird smell that lingers on your breath hours after drinking it.

Yet another alternative are those Spanish cold medicines with Epherdrine, but I haven't been able to get any of those for a long time (besides, if your company suddenly tests you for drugs, you'll turn up positive for crystal meth).

Just recently, I've found the solution to my problems at a drugstore.  

It's called "Booster C Energy Shot".  It is non-carbonated, it is low calorie, and doesn't have any of that strong flavoring I hate in energy drinks.  It's got 80mg of caffeine, energy vitamins, royal jelly, and ginseng.

What is a bit of concern though is that it contains phenylketonnurics in the form of Phenylalanine, an artificial sweetener that has gotten a pretty bad rap.

At just 60ml, you can down Booster C Energy Shot in just one chug and off you go.  It claims to have long lasting effects and promises no to give you a crash -- which happens often with some energy drinks that have a wee bit too much sugar.

I've been downing two Booster C Energy Shots whenever my energy flags (which doesn't happen often in a week) and so far, the claims are quite true.

Then again, as with most energy drinks, it is always best to use them sparingly.  If you use these drinks often enough, you'll start experiencing very negative side effects and the worst of them may be sleeplessness.  Sleep deprivation plus energy drinks will definitely put you in a destructive cycle that, at worst, can land you in the hospital.

So, as far as my review of Booster C is concerned, it's great but use with precaution.

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