Wednesday, May 09, 2012

CoRRECT Philippines Claims to Have Convinced Teddyboy Locsin to Support a Shift to Parliamentary Form of Government

A leader of a small Facebook Group is claiming that his group's efforts had convinced former congressman and columnist Teddy Boy Locsin to support moves calling for the country to shift to a parliamentary form of government.

In the comment section of an updated on Get Real Philippines Community, the leader of the pro-parliamentary shift Facebook Group speculates that Teddy Boy Locsin had read articles he had written and this was what convinced Locsin to support his movement.

He, moreover, claims to have popularized a white paper supporting a parliamentary shift written by former Congressman now Budget Secretary Florencio Abad.

I am reposting parts of his comment below: 

He (Locsin) got exposed to the numerous literature (articles and videos) that CoRRECT had created and got passed around, and thanks to the buzz that we created in making it a very important issue to look into, he not only took a second look, he also looked into the merits of why the parliamentary system is superior to the presidential system.  
It's starts off with creating a buzz. GRP-AP created it in 2010 when the Constitutional Reform articles started coming out. Then in January 2011, CoRRECT as a brand got launched. 
From creating a buzz and creating a comprehensive repository from which people could do their own research that is SPECIFIC TO THE PHILIPPINE SITUATION vis-a-vis the diff. aspects of Constitutional Reform, especially the much-maligned proposal to shift to the parliamentary system, numerous formerly anti-parliamentary/anti-Constitutional Reform people - including Locsin - ended up making the shift. 
Back then, in the 1990's and in the mid 2000's, there was no CoRRECT. There was no solid Citizens' Movement that sought to spread the word and enlighten the Public on what Constitutional Reform was and teach people about what the Parliamentary System is and how it works. 
Starting in 2011, CoRRECT served that purpose. (And we even ended up getting the goat of people like Esposo) 
It's easy to see why Locsin would suddenly learn about it and then agree with it NOW, as opposed to back in the old days when our solid efforts to "spread the word among ordinary educated people" had not yet existed.
He further claims, he popularized Abad's white paper proposing a shift to the parliamentary form of government:

In fact, our sites "revived" and "popularized" many old literature produced by some pro-parliamentary advocates that did not see wide distribution before. Remember how Butch Abad wrote an article that explained the superiority of the parliamentary system? Before pre-split GRP-AP first featured that on AP, that whitepaper (in PDF format) he wrote was very poorly disseminated among only a few people. It was in fact our efforts in putting it on the spotlight that did in fact help create that buzz.  
Again, it's worth looking into why Locsin got swayed to oppose it before, but only recently expressed support for it, and it is simple: Back in the old days, there was no GRP-AP-CoRRECT initiative that existed to counteract the black propaganda thrown against the Constitutional Reform initiatives. Today, there is, and that makes all the difference.
Quite curious and wishing to end all speculation, I asked Teddy Boy Locsin point blank about what made him choose to support the move to shift to a parliamentary form of government.

This was his answer to me on twitter:

His response, if I am reading it correctly, is that he chose to support parliamentary shift because he believes there is no longer a threat of a single party dictatorship.

No references to CoRRECT Philippines or any of its articles.


Fathr said...

sinungaling pala yung mga taga correct e 

Da Judge said...

The question should have been: "Sir, have you, in any way, been influenced by the group CoRRECT in changing your views about the Parliamentary System?" Now that's "point blank"! As to your yawn-inducing debate with Orion, I say, you guys stop it. Boring.

Paul Farol said...

Sorry to bore you man, but anyway, Teddy Boy answered a follow up tweet and it appears that he hasn't read any of CoRRECT's articles.

check out this link:

miriamquiamco said...

I don't see why you have to personalize the campaign of correct.  The parliamentary system is  a great system of government, so what if Locsin sees it again, like any typical political in personal terms, Correct doesn't need the endorsement of Locsin for their advocacy to be valid, but a high-profile personality like that would have given it more chance to be taken up as a serious issue.  However, as Locsin proves too small a proponent of parliamentarism, then, it Correct has not really lost anything in trying to capitalize on his verbal support for it.

Paul Farol said...

What do you mean by "personalize the campaign of Correct"?

Anyway, I'll take to mean that you think I am taking things of a personal level and that isn't true.

If you've notice, I haven't even named anyone in these series of articles and the point of this article is to verify whether or not the claims of CoRRECT's leader is true.

Apparently, yet again, he has been found to be lying about the group's influence on Teddyboy Locsin.

I think between Teddy boy and CoRRECT, Locsin has more influence with the intellectual elite.

Liberato said...

a leading question if I say...

should have been better if "sir do you know Correct Movement?"

vlad said...

Its time to change the system. i'm 23 and i don't want to spend the rest of my life in a rotten system today which only serves the the rich people. parliamentary system will open a lot of opportunities for us to land in a better job in our country.

TrollFarol said...

Your blog is both boring and stupid. Kill yourself TROLL FAROL

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