Monday, May 21, 2012

Satanic Lady Gaga Holds Concert In Manila Tomorrow

Driving over to my house in Manila, I caught the tail end of Atty. Romeo Macalintal saying that he and a few other people would protest the holding of Lady Gaga's concert at the SM Area tomorrow.

Apparently, Atty. Macalintal is of the opinion that some of Lady Gaga's songs are Satanic in nature and he even quoted the lyrics of "Judas".

Thankfully, Atty. Macalintal didn't go into the whole ordeal of back-masking Judas because it was just too damned early to hear an old man talk about sexual perversion.

I don't know whether he had too much Dan Brown or too much Hash Brownies (oh you know what I am talking about!), but I really doubt that after listening to Judas people in the Philippines will turn into Satanistic perverts.

And if they act in any kind of perverted way, I'd suppose they were perverts long before Lady Gaga even came up with the song.

Of course, I am not discounting the fact that the sexual imagery in Lady Gaga's video will drive RH Bill advocates into a frenzy over the fact that perhaps getting exposed to more Lady Gaga music LIVE may send millions of Filipinos into an orgiastic population balloon bursting marathon of procreation.

But, I guess, that's just about as evil as it gets.

The thing is, I have probably listened to almost all the so called Satanic music and guess what? Only stupid people live out the lyrics of their favorite rebellious music.

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