Saturday, July 23, 2005


I've recently signed up this blog with Feedburner.

I am a bit apprehensive as there are some horrid tales of Google Adsense police shutting down accounts that have used RSS services.

If this works well for me, I'd suggest you to follow my lead. Give it a few weeks and the results should be in.


steve said...

Hey there, Paul.

You won't run into any problems using FeedBurner+Google AdSense for running AdSense in your feeds.

We've been working with them on this, and they are well aware of our service.

Thanks for using FeedBurner!

Steve Olechowski
COO and Co-Founder, FeedBurner

Admin said...

Thanks steve!

I am so completely thrilled that the COO and Co-Founder of Feedburner posted a comment on my blog! WOW!!!

Anyway, I read a couple of horrow stories on

and one of them had mentioned that pinging had triggered google adsense bots to shut down his or her account.

On your word, I will ask my other friends to register with feedburner!

Thanks a lot!

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