Thursday, July 21, 2005

Working at home and earning thousands of dollars

I have tried but consistently failed to influence the ads that keep showing up on my blog. I tried writing about cameras and some techie stuff, but keep getting ads promoting "earn from home" and "make $20 per click".

Personally, I think these things are great ideas, if they really work. But I haven't tried any of them and so can't really say if they do.

Lately, I've been reading up on freebie link/traffic exchange programs ( for one). I pored through Google's policy pages to see if they had anything against such programs and the most I found was a caution against its use because some programs farm out your e-mail address. I really wouldn't mind receiving junk e-mail if only it would guarantee hits of more than a hundred a day or perhaps, a thousand a day.

I've also read up on other ways of increasing your traffic and the means that are most endorsed involve the obvious: writing articles which people will really find useful, writing news articles with really useful new information, and other stuff which involves tinkering with your metafiles. I've tried them but really, there is no sure way to control the results. The best tack I guess is just to make your blog as well written as possible and hope more people will keep logging on.

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