Monday, July 18, 2005

Gadgets I plan to buy this Christmas

I know, Christmas is still quite a few months away but I already know what gadget I'm going to buy for myself this year: A digital camera!

I haven't decided on the brand but I've narrowed down the list to a couple of brands such as Kodak, Sony, and NIkon.

Chances are, cameras under the 5 megapixel range will definitely drop in price as newer models are introduced later in the year. However, unlike cellphones, prices of digital cameras don't drop substantially within a few months. More than electronic technology, some bank on lense technology to hold on to a price range. It takes about a year or more before prices drop by more than 30%. In fact, there are cameras being sold in the Philippines in the 2 to 3 megapixel range which have stayed above the Php10,000 range (Kodak and Sony, for example).

However, there are almost unknown brands coming in from Taiwan that boast of packing oodles of features and megapixels higher than 6.0 going for less than Php15,000. But that really doesn't get me frothing at the mouth, especially after learning that a number of these cameras had low quality lenses and that their quality was somewhat inconsistent.

The reason why getting a digital camera this year is that I'd really like to share pictures of various places in the Philippines.

Telling you about it through my writings just aren't good enough. I'd like to show you my favorite food places in China Town (Binondo, Manila), my favorite bars (The other office, Big Sky, and other haunts), the faces of famous Filipinos I know personally, and aaah! West Grove, the very posh subdivision developed by Ayala Land in Sta Rosa, Laguna.)

Oh well!

(I'll be writing more about digital cameras in the next few entries, a break as it were from my usual topics.)

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