Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Irrelevant Google Ads and Declining Click-Throughs

Over the past few days, I’ve been trying to make my blog more searchable in the hopes of increasing the number of page impressions and ad click thoughs.

While fiddling with key words in my blog template’s metafile over the past few days has yielded has increased the number of page impressions, click throughs has not substantially increased.

Wondering about this, I took a look at the content of the google ads on my blog and correlated the days when high click throughs occurred with the degree of relevance the google ads had with my blog entries. What I discovered was that, the more relevant the ads were to my blog entry, the higher the click throughs were. The less relevant they were, the less number of click throughs I got.

The problem with this is that, there are many days when the ads aren’t at all relevant to the blog entries and there is virtually no way to control what google ads will show (they change after a certain number of page impressions), making me thing that it is just too random to be relevant all the time.

One thing that seems necessary at this point is to confine the topics of my blog entries to a narrower topic range. This is either to fit the current google ads or in some way, influence the google ads that do show up.

Also, I have to note that my blog emanates from a specific geographical location, Mountainview California. I wonder if writing on topics which would more or less interest people in California make any difference.

A lot of E-zine articles on search engine optimization strategies have so far suggested this method.

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