Wednesday, July 13, 2005

How to create a blog that earns money (part two)

The most basic requirement for creating a blog with and registering it with Google Adsense is an e-mail address. If you don’t have one, get one – make sure it is your very own.

These instructions have been written assuming that you are using Microsoft XP with an Internet Explorer.

Step One: Registering with and creating your blog.

Click this link or cut and paste it on your browser:

After clicking this link, you should be seeing the homepage of, it has a set of instructions on how to create your blog. Just follow these instructions.

After following the instructions and setting up your account, you will find yourself on the ‘dashboard’ page. Click “Create Blog” and follow the instructions.

Once your blog has been created, it will show up on your dashboard, click it and you will be brought to the “editing” page… on one of the tabs, you will see “View Blog”… you should click that… After clicking that, your blog will appear, look at the “address bar” of your browser and it will be displaying the URL (uniform resource locator) such as, you should right click on this and left click “copy”

Step Two: Registering with Google Adsense

Open a new window

Type this in the address bar or just click it: and click GO...

You will be brought to the Google Adsense home page, click “Sign Up” and follow instructions.

You will eventually be brought to a page requiring you to fill in details such as your name, address, etcetera… fill those up properly… when you reach the page that asks for your URL address, right click on the empty data field and left click paste…

Fill up the rest of the required data fields as appropriate.

Google Adsense will then tell you to confirm your application by clicking on a link sent to your e-mail, so go to your e-mail account, open it up and then look for the e-mail from google ad sense, open that up and click the link they sent you.

It will take 24 to 28 hours for google adsense to approve your account.

Step Three: Pasting Ad Codes to your blog template.

Open two Internet Explorer Windows, one should be for Google Adsense and the other should be for this is something you have to do in order to facilitate the cut and paste process.

Log in to Google Adsense and

In the Google Adsense window, navigate to the page AD SETTINGS. Here you will find headings like: AD TYPE, AD LAYOUT, COLOUR PALETTES, ALTERNATE URL, ETCETERA... sa pinakababa makikita mo ang Ad Sense Code mo, ito ang kina-cut and paste... (as you may have already found out)... Anyway, make the proper selection of the kind of ad you want to cut and paste (the options are strictly for the dimensions of the ad. Kung bilang header and footer nang blog entree, choose dimensions that are no bigger than 254 pixels wide and 90 pixels long kasi mami-misalign ang layout mo. For the sidebar -- ito iyong space under your profile, choose the skyscraper)

Once you've made your selections (using the options sa AD SETTINGS) go to the bottom of the page, click at the ad code, and right click copy...

Sa DASHBOARD naman nang blogger mo, click on the title of your blog and then go to template. Makikita mo ang template nang blog mo and it is shown in HTML code... The first few paragraphs show you the page properties which give instructions for the look of the webpage (background colors, dimensions of the mainpage, sidebars, etcetera)... Near the middle hanapin mo ang part which says: HEAD

This is the beginning where all the copy goes into, such as the copy for the header, blog, sidebars, etcetera...

If you want to put an ad sa head nang blog entree, to appear only on the header of the top most or most recent entry, put your ad code after the line that says:

If you want to put an ad sa footer nang blog entree, to appear only on the footer of the topmost or most recent entree, put your code before the line that says:

If you want to put an ad sa side bar (where your profile appears), choose an ad that is narrow and long (90 to 120 in width, if you get something wider than this, misaligned na ang layout mo)... and the best part to put it is just below your the heading ARCHIVES... so you have to paste it below the line that says "sidebar"

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