Thursday, July 14, 2005

Earning $20 or more from blogging. Believe it or not!

I've recently gotten around to actually surfing the internet to find out about Sensecash and other systems which promise to boost your earnings from Google Adsense and other affiliate programs.

The ads are all interesting to read through and even without divulging how they do it, they already give a few hints as to how it is done. I wish I could find out but I don't have a Visa or Master credit card or a Paypal account, if I had just one of these things I surely would gladly pay my way to learn how to make my blog earn more dough. Honestly, I really think it would be worth the look. After all, blogging has become somewhat of a passion and it wouldn't hurt to find out if there really is a way to make more money out of it.

Randy (a fellow blogger from Canada) was nice enough to give me some encouragement after I had gotten some heavy flak after telling a couple of my friends here in the Philippines. The biggest thing here is friendster (that is, of course, apart from pornsites, chatrooms, and online gaming) and the bad thing about this is that, for a country with a lot of poor people, you can find internet shops filled to bursting with snotty nosed kids trading in cash for internet time. That's good money coming out of poor people's pockets and flowing into the internet cafe operator's cash register. It's really a weird situation.

During hard times, Filipinos -- it seems -- are more likely to buy (or in some cases steal) things that will temporarily get provide them a sense of escape.

But, then again, there are some enterprising people who actually use friendster and chatrooms in quite a clever way... There are girls and boys who put on a "show" (baring their bodies to a webcam) for prepaid cellphone credits; there are cyber pimps (would you believe it) that stake out chatrooms to offer girls (and sometimes your drug of choice), meetings are arranged discreetly and payment is strictly in cash; and there are, of course, legitimate businessmen who hawk everything from cellphones to Multi-Level Marketing businesses (I have to admit, I was among many who tried doing MLM on the internet).

Hawking hard goods on the internet, to say the least, was an exercise in futility... Sure, I got a lot of inquiries and one of them turned out to be an absolute wacko.

While trying to get prospects for an MLM business deal, a woman who introduced herself as a doctor had asked to set an early evening meeting at an expensive restaurant at a new and very posh mall. She said she would be coming with a few friends who had also read my posts on an online classifieds bulletin board. So, after talking to her on the phone and ending up thinking that she was an okay prospect, I agreed to meet her.

I came 30 minutes early, as it is my habit to do on such occassions. Thinking I had time to kill, I ordered my favorite dark lager beer (priced 5 times higher than if I had bought it at the grocery) and a serving of broiled mussels (priced 10 times higher than if I had jumped into Manila Bay to pry them off the breakwater rock piles). About 5 minutes to our appointment, I received a frantic call on my cellphone from the Doctor telling me she was just outside the restaurant and that if I wanted to have a meeting with her, it would have to be at another place because her estranged husband was stalking her. It raised my eyebrow, but seeing her through the restaurant's glass door and noting that she really did look distressed, I readily agreed.

After settling my bill and meeting the doctor at the door, we walked quietly for a couple of meters and before I knew it, we were sitting face to face in a dark bar. Her face was barely visible in the glow of the scented tea candle flickering on the badly scratched table between us, but I could see that it had lost the distressed look I had seen earlier. We ordered things to drink and a plate of some grilled seafood (which was mostly green bellpeppers plus a hint or two of what seemed like calamares and fishballs).

Then, just a second before I could say my first word, she got up, screamed half a dozen invectives (unprintables) and ran out the door.

I took my time finishing my beer under the glaring gaze of the other patrons in the bar, somehow my balls had jumped from their sack and up into my throat.

I have, since, quit trying to get my prospects from internet forums -- it's simply much too much of a risk to my health.

So, in that respect, blogging under Google Adsense's affiliate program makes for a better source of extra income.

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