Friday, July 15, 2005

Making a money earning blog

I've been visiting a couple of websites trying to find out about the business of driving traffic towards this blog but still stay within the parameters of Google Adsense.

Believe me, there are some bloggers who say it is a business (not a hobby) and there are actually websites that propose the use of blogs as a business tool -- calling it a business blog.

Then there is this interesting article by a Filipino columnist, Tony Lopez, entitled "A Blogging Offensive" and here, he basically points out instances where blogs were used as a means to pressure collossal corporations (he cited Microsoft, among others) into acting on customer complaints. Lopez had even went so far as to suggest that it might be possible to use blogs to exert similar pressure on Filipino companies. If you want to read more on that article its at

(Just reconnect the link above, it's so long it is interfering with my layout.)

Well, Mr. Lopez, if what you say holds true, president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo should be vacating Malacanang some time soon as there are hundreds of blogs coming out with countless entries on her alleged involvement in election fraud (Hello Garci). Then again, that may be hoping for too much.

I made a Google Search using the words "Filipino", "Philippine", "pinoy" and "blogs". Depending on a number of combinations and varying search parameters, the number of blogs closely or remotely associated to the word "Filipino", "Pinoy", and "Philippine" number only in the thousands. So, I am left wondering how many of these blogs tackle political topics and if these blogs can really exert the needed pressure.

It's not enough to blog a cause, effort must be exerted to get people to read the blog. Then again, this is assuming that the cause oriented blog is actually well written and moving.

Two blogs that are really worth reading through is Philippine Commentaries at and Sunshine Philippines at

Anyway, so much for cause oriented blogs.
In my search for blogs and websites that offered tips on how to create serious incomes, there were a number that were quite useful such as Pinoy Blogger at
This site contains a lot of suggestions about how to increase your traffic and thereby increase the click rate on your ads. For first time bloggers and HTML/script babies, some of the lessons may be a bit hard to digest at first but use your time on the internet to look up the terms and other instructions to make some sense out of it. This will at least give you a chance to learn stuff about reworking your blog's metafile, how to increase your page ranking, how make your blog's URL searchable through Yahoo and Google, and other stuff.
It also contains lists and listings of a number of popular blogs hosted by Filipinos. (The one titled Audrey Hepburn is on the top of the list with over a thousand hits.) So, if you are looking for blogs to emulate or learn from seeing, this sight may provide tons of help.
Sensecash and other sites selling magic "keywords" are something I still have to find out about. The problem is I don't have a credit card or Paypal account and so, any attempt at finding out if these things work will definitely have to wait until I can get either one of these things.
I don't know exactly how these "key words" can be used to raise traffic and get ads that pay top dollars, but one guess is that you might want to use it in your blog's metafile. Maybe these things work like flags or bait that attracts search engine queries and allow your blog to turn up in the results page of queries. (Ask me how to configure your HTML's metafile by posting a comment asking me for it and leaving me your e-mail. I'll send you the instructions.)
If you want to test certain keywords to find out how many searches are made for that key word, you can try My theory is, the more hits a word gets, the better. ( I really have no frigging idea, but it's worth a try and I can't be wrong all the time.)
In anycase, I think its safe to assume the basic rules for driving up traffic for websites are more or less the same rules being propounded for blogs.
I have so far revised my blog around ten times today, trying out the techniques which were suggested in a number of sites and I think they are working. Then again, it'll take a number of days for me to really find out if these things are working and if they do, I certainly won't keep it to myself.
Well! So much for now! Gotta go!

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